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LINK This Atheist lawmaker stood up to a ‘Christian bully’ in front of the Arizona state legislature. | GOOD

FTA: Afterward, members of the Secular Coalition posted video of the three speeches to YouTube, where it has quickly taken off. In their comment on the video, the Secular Coalition said:

“We want to applaud Rep. Salman for her courage and determination. Atheists, agnostics, humanists, and nonreligious Americans have every right to serve as lawmakers and be afforded the same recognition and respect as their peers.”

zblaze 7 Feb 25

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Bravo! Good for her.

She is highly intelligent, eloquent, warm and kind. Glad she won the election in Arizona, a conservative, red state.

Vote Republicans out of office!


I'm proud of her first for coming out, and second for standing her ground and pointing out the hypocracy and idiocy of the Christian Rep.

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