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THE least attractive personality trait IMO

OpposingOpposum 9 Feb 27

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I heard once that if you are on a first date at a restaurant, and you want a gauge of your date's true character, see how they treat the waiter or waitress.

Yup. I definitely use this a s a rule of thumb.


I don't care who is in front of me. If it's a bag person at a grocery store or the pizza delivery guy etc. I treat them with respect. If they disrespect me then I rip them a new asshole. Same goes for anyone in any other class or monetary group.


I have always had an issue with authority. Not one to 'know my place', but at the same time would never abuse my position if/when ever I am in such an opinion

sorry, last word should have said position not opinion

@RobH86 I knew what you meant. 🙂 Btw the little pencil icon in the top right corner of your comments will let you edit.


Candy Coated Sugar Spewers. Flashers, Phonies and those who use the material aspect over the subjective persona. You can amass their personality by the amount of attention to the above.

Candy coated sugar spewers sounds like a candy made by Willy Wonka ????????????


But this personality trait is ever so important... in religion.

I'm going to make myself unpopular and point out that I see it here too. The smug superiority over those "stupid believers" gets my knickers in a twist. I definitely consider myself an agnostic atheist but I understand why and how some people subscribe to religion. It doesn't automatically make them bad or dumb just like being an atheist doesn't necessarily mean you're brilliant.

@Blindbird Yes it does! lol 🙂

@Blindbird I agree, you'll find pompous arrogance among any group and it definitely resides here. I personally don't understand why people are religious other than it's what they grew up with. True it doesn't make the individual bad, but it keeps that individual thinking from within a little box. Collectively, that holds our society back which is bad and explains a lot of our current laws and the atrocious ones from the past.

@mt49er absolutely agreed about the social effects. Treating them with arrogance and dismissal is going to get us exactly nowhere however.

I think some people literally need that belief. I'm reluctant to take something from someone when it may be the only thing keeping their head above water.

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