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Have you ever been a Christian's pet project?

Have you ever been friends with, or worked with, a Christian who seemed to make you their own personal "saving" project? As in, they repeatedly invited you to church functions and services, fully knowing that you are a non-believer? Or, have they ever had their children invite you with the idea that you will be unable to tell the children no? If so, how have you handled that?

zmac80 4 Nov 6

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She's my ex wife now.... 🙂


Yes, my ex-wife. The project ended with her adultery with her boss. I asked her if I should have her stoned.


Many times, girl friends, friends, neighbours, ministers and teachers have all tried and failed and for several it back fired they are now atheists or agnostics.
I had a relative use the children to get me to church so I told them about the nonsense in the bible, the myth of Jesus, and how science had provided evidence that exposes beliefs to be false. The parent didn't do that again.
People need to respect others beliefs or lack there of equally if they don't I will pull out all the stops.

I now won't date anyone who is not also a non religious person. THAT is a huge thing to not see eye to eye on.


My ex-husband sent Mormon missionaries to my house to try to convert our children. I finally had to tell him that if they came over again (children and I already told them we weren't interested) I would call the police and report them as trespassers.

Wow. What was their response?

They stopped coming around trying to convert my kids.


Not exactly a pet project, but I did get duped into attending a church event. My former employer was a member of the church and we were writing a press release about a guest speaker. This was shortly after I started working for this PR company. She made it sound like this was someone unrelated to the church, and they were hosting this respected speaker. She offhandedly suggested to me that I could attend, that it should be a worthwhile presentation. I agreed, only to find myself in a full-on religious service, and this "special guest" was a routine preacher there who knew the congregation well. I felt tricked and somewhat taken advantage of, because she knew I was disillusioned with religion yet felt a need to get me into her very conservative Bible church.

I worked for her for about five years. It wasn't so bad, and we became friends eventually, but there were a few tense moments in my tenure there as well.


Yes, a handful of Christians worked on me during my college days. To their credit they were soft sellers and didn't tell me that I'd burn on Hell or use other pushy maneuvers. But they persisted although gently. They did succeed in drawing in my girlfriend of that time and that contributed the end of that relationship.

sol65 Level 3 Nov 6, 2017

Not really a project but more of an attempt.
My first day on a job, the guy who was supposed to be my direct supervisor greeted me with a hello and do I believe in god.
First I said you aren't legally allowed to ask me that with what must have been a fairly pissed off look on my face. The second I said no, I'm an atheist. That shut him down nicely for a while.

We actually got along without incident after that.
When that job ended we kept in touch for a while and he sent me some real off the wall creationist youtube links that I just laughed off.
I don't hear from anyone.


They just give up on me as a hopeless case.


Quite a few, especially back when I first declared my independence to the world. A shock wave rippled through the extended family and close friends, several of whom thought I'd just slipped on the ice and would come round soon. Others weren't so sure and made concentrated efforts to 'revive' me. That was back in 1957, so I've had plenty of time to hone my skills at shooing the nitwits.

I have turned it into a game with high score being determined by how long it takes for them to realize they are being played with. My current high score is with the Witnesses. They appear to be particularly thick. I'll consider myself successful when they begin leaping from their watchtowers.


I've met peopel who wanted to make me their "project". I just do my best to avoid them. I will politely refuse them up to a point, then I will eventually get rude. Some of these people seem to mistake politeness for interest.


Yes, until I told him that his behavior was disrespectful of me and my beliefs.


yup, a few times, they get their feelings hurt every time.i start out nice, and if it keeps going i debunk there bible and religion , they get the point after that. i am a gnostic atheist when it comes to that christian god. . its only the deistic gods that are nebulous and somewhat not described. past being a energy or creator of a universe and its contents, that even though i don't accept that idea. its not some sky perve watching everyone poop. with a debunked book . there is very little left in the bible that has not been picked over by rational educated people and skeptics. past some possible real people and places. its totally debunkable. < i think i created that word< spell check isnt having it. lol


Yeah, had an overbearing supervisor in the Army. I went through his supposed conversion so he would shut up. Then requested a transfer through my chain of command. He received a reprimand but I don't think it stopped him from trying to manipulate and coerce others. I ended up having to reenlist to get out of the duty assignment and away from him.


I have been lucky to never have had this visited upon me.

Hrrm.. then again, maybe I'd enjoy tormenting and thwarting them ...


I love the well meant, "I will pray for you." Oh please don't....


All the time. They as in my family and friends constantly make me there own little saving project. I just go and enjoy my self. This happens about 7 to 8 time a year and on occasion, I get into a debate with a slightly to devoted Christian but generally, the conversation goes both ways.


A few times. The most awkward time was when I dated a charismatic and went to her church to appease her.

I was considering stumbling around, writhing on the floor, yelling gibberish and drooling with her and the rest of them but thought better of it.

I never went back to church with her and, needless to say, that was near the end of that relationship!


I have, it's surprising how sneaky they are with their words.... It shows how dishonest they are


Quite a few. I even went so far as to go to a service with one and it was a holy roller church. It was interesting. I told him that, that was it, and if he wanted to remain friends to not ever ask again. On another occasion a friend rolled up in a church bus expecting that I would send my daughter to their church without ever asking beforehand. A Mormon friend invited me to the opening of a new temple and being curious I went. It was worth it even though I had to deal with the missionaries coming to the door a week later. That was fun though, talking to them and they didn’t come back and the guy didn’t bother any more but we remained friends. I live in the most religious part of a red start so atheist friends are few. Most people stay friendly but soon stop badgering me about religion. Actually I’ve lost a lot more friends over the political climate this past year than I ever did over religion.

gearl Level 7 Nov 19, 2017

I'm currently feel like I'm a pet project of a new "happy clappy" church that has opened up on my road. They come round every Saturday, if I have time i'll stand and let me preach, want to pray over me, but at the back of my mind all I can hear is Monty Python's Life of Brian -- Always look on the bright side of life.... It takes all my time not to move my head while I sing the song...


Absolutely. All the time. I handle it by stating that while I am open to discussion on any given subject,I do not plan on being coerced into any other frame of mind other than the one I chose for myself,which dis-cludes their particular stance. Also,I rarely argue with anyone about their belief systems,rather allow them the chance to observe life on it's own terms. If that doesn't convince them then I won't waste my breath.


hmmmm, almost every member of my family and too many in my childhood to early adult communities?

In younger years I'd often "play along", later I avoided these people like the plague!


The last girlfriend refound her faith and then wanted me to slowly change and find God. That was not going to happen and tat was a hug problem. So I was her project. Her efforts failed and we broke up.
Weird thing... She was the one who mostly ignored what was being said in churc about many things. As usual, the Christian was also the hypocrite.


Only once, when I was still in my early 20's, and a young female member of the church that I grew up in, tried by asking me out and to church functions to get me back to regular attendance, and hence to no longer being a "back slider". Even though there was a significant degree of lust on my part, I was not compliant enough for her to make any concessions in that department so the attempt ultimately withered away.

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