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Out of hardwork, dedication and consistency, one can achieve what he or she hopes to gain. Being an Atheist, is it so important to wish someone well? If so, how do we say it? You comment is much appreciated.

ttonka 4 Feb 27

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A belief in god/s is not required to wish people well in their endeavours.

It is what decent human beings do for each other, we validate each others positive attributes and successes.


People are more productive when they are confident. They are more confident when they are in a good emotional frame of mind. Wishing someone well, in a way that they understand the sentiment can have a beneficial effect. Dopamine and oxytocin can have profound effects.

Just saying things like, "I hope you're well, today," or "Have a great day," or "Keep up the good work," or just smiling an nodding are all ways to wish someone well while leaving spirituality out of it. It works for me, anyhow.


To me, wishing someone well is important as it raises, however minutely, the level of kindness and goodwill in the world. It also benefits me and the other directly (in most cases) for we both feel better.

As to how to state this to others; hmm, "I'm so happy for you!" "Congratulates, I'm certain you'll thrive in that job" "You have such talent" "If you have any questions, just ask, " "I've got your back."


My understanding is that being an atheist means you don't believe in God, not that you don't believe in people. Your manners are your own business. Simple works well. "I wish you well."


As an atheist I like to tell people that I'll pray for them, especially to other atheists just to piss them off!

Oh, that's soooo wrong lol. 😀



That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you, Good luck, I'm proud of you......Yes, it is important to well wish and offer encouragement.


A non sarcastic "Good Luck" is always in good taste.


Giving encouragement is not incumbent on religion and is appropriate for both theists and non-theists.


Of course the xian community does not have the edge on praise. Everyone wants to be appreciated. I think in building a strong community it is nearly imperative to have a supportive encouraging community. There is enough BS outside, we need a community that builds us up. How to say it? Thank you for posting. I like that, interesting. What ever positive comment that fits.

I like how you segwayed that in, good job!

@njoy_life_2 Thank you!!


I tell people that I hope for the best possible outcome for them. I do not think that, nor wishing someone well, implies any supernatural involvement.


Being an atheist, I don't have a problem with hoping for the best outcome for someone or wishing someone well. These types of comments are simply ways in which we might empathize for someone or their situations, concerns, hopes, worries.


"I wish you well", always seems to work just fine for me.
No need to complicate it.

succinct and simple, what more could you want.

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