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Is Billy Graham being on display at the Capitol Rotunda a separation of church and state issue?

I can't help but to think that tax payer dollars are at work in bestowing this honor on him, which in effect validates or at least designates some level of importance to the (religious) message he preached...What do you think?

KingofHarts 7 Feb 28

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Absolutely. I think its an absolute disgrace that a supposedly secular nation honors such a sectarian and divisive person. Its a sad day for theists but even sadder for those who truly believe in freedom.


No. Putting a respected friend on display after death is what they do. His/ her vocation doesn't matter.


45 owes the Southern Baptist and Christian Coalition BIGLY for getting him appointed. He lost by 3 million+ on the Voter side but the system pushed the issue and we have Putin who did the math which is going to Vladdy's biggest threat to every country in the world. 45 will also make a place for him sit if he wants, but what he achieved is going to go into history as the most shaming episode in American Presidential Elections.


He represents the current Political Religious mindset!! It makes me mad and sad all at once! The present administration is determined to try and force religion onto the AMERICAN people, just like a lot of other things they are attempting to force upon us. I want be there and i want applaud Graham, at all!


Its a load of fucking bullshit. if you went and put a relative on display who died you'd be locked up.


Exactly. It should never have happened. Blatant disregard to Separation of church and STATE.


This morning, when I heard on the radio that Graham was going to be on display in the Capitol Rotunda, I was appalled. To me, that is a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He was a Christian preacher and should not be given special privileges such as this. I thought this sort of thing was reserved for deceased Presidents, etc. I am going to contact the Freedom From Religion organization online, to see if they have filed a complaint. This is not supposed to be a theocratic nation!

Hair Fuhrer doesn't give a rats ass about you or anyone else thinks. Probably make him the lead in the big parade if they let that fiasco unveil.

@Nevermind345 Speaking of the planned "big parade", that's another thing that makes me furious! Reminds me of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, and North Korea. It seems to be a big thing with totalitarian regimes. I wonder if the President "Moron" actually plans on having tanks and missiles rolling down the street? He is the Commander in Chief, so I imagine he has the power to order such an abomination. Are most Americans even vaguely aware of what this guy is doing to our democracy (it's a rhetorical question)?


Yes it is.
But given the con man we now have in the white house, would you expect not to have a con man shyster lie in state in the capital?

My comment is, "Thank god and greyhound you are gone".

I think President "moron" is a little harsh, I prefer something more subtle, like President "shit for brains" Lol


Absolutely. The FFRF thinks so too!


Thanks for the link. That was good. Man, that is such a great honor that has been bestowed on so few. I am just baffled that he makes the short list on the merits of proselytization...


Absolutely a violation. But it does unmask the unofficial religion of America.


Fuck YES it's a definite violation! It's also a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars to have this little dog and pony show. This kind of thing is exactly why we need Separation.
It's also another reason why Pence cannot be permitted to remain in office. He needs to go before 45.

So passionate! (I'm glad it isn't directed at me 😛 )

Meh, I don't know about Pence going before 45. Maybe along WITH him. But practically speaking, the disgrace of a successful impeachment of 45 will go a long way toward neutering Pence and the rest of the now-craven GOP (God's Own Party).

Voting those two out of office in 2020 is probably the easiest way and about as fast, but I'd like to see both an impeachment AND a decisive defeat. It would send a message.

@mordant I really hope we don't have to wait until 2020. The damage already done will take generations to repair.

@KKGator Sadly I think it likely. I follow @SethAbramson on Twitter, which if you want to get into detail is a great source of knowledgeable analysis on the Mueller investigation. Based on what I've read there and elsewhere, all signs point to Mueller's final report coming late 2018 at the earliest, sometime next year quite possibly, and then Congress has to act, which is questionable unless we gain control of at least the house in this year's off-year election. Best case scenario, we sweep the mid-terms, Mueller's report comes right around then, and we get right down to business, but an impeachment resolution and the ensuing Senate trial can take a long time in its own right, and remember, the GOP may still hold the senate after the mid-terms. And the odds that Trump would resign to avoid impeachment are to my mind, negligible.

Of course popular opinion could finally turn against Trump if his parade of stupid continues, but if people have been largely unmoved by his perfidy up to now, I hate to think what it would take to wake them up. Millions dead on the Korean Peninsula perhaps? But that's safely on the other side of the planet, happening to Those Other People. I just don't know about my fellow man anymore ...

Sorry to not be optimistic about this but just not feeling it.

@mordant Don't be sorry for your lack of optimism. The time frame is probably correct. I'm just so sick of this fucking circus, I want it to end as soon as possible.


I agree. It is not right that tax dollars are being spent on this. He should not be displayed in a place owned by the public. He politicized religion and is responsible for today's Evangelicals who have a warped view of history and do not understand that our founders wanted a solid wall of separation between Church and State. And, yes, this shows a preference not only for Christianity-- but HIS BRAND of Christianity.


I'm not sure how much of an issue it is, but it's a clear endorsement on the part of those in charge, that says, "Fuck you Separatists, we'll do what we want to do." IMHO.


It is a slap in the face to every person in this country...we would not be surrounded by greedy assays like Joel Osteen if Graham hadn't gotten so good at political maneuvering of our politicians!

Joel = gos's used car salesman.

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