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How do you answer someone who says I'll pray for you like they are judging you?

By sillyangel
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My wife has been fighting cancer for 6 years now.On chemo for the 4th time now, she is a very sick woman.A nurse for 40 years she has done nothing but help other people her whole life, if anyone should have gotten a pass from God it would be her. The literal unfairness of it uesd to make me angry but as we all know fair or unfair and God have nothing to do it. We all have to play the hand we are dealt. When well meaning relgious people tell us they are praying we try and take it in the context in which it was given. You can tell when someone is empathatic and knows that there is nothing they can do to help but feels for her all the same. To these people we say thanks and let them off the hook so to speak. Then there are the true believers that actually feel that their intercessory prayer will actuall work and I want to grab them and shake them and ask why the HELL their all loving GOD is making my wife suffer. Its a tough call dealing with these fundi,s.

Gizmo29 Level 1 Mar 9, 2019

Feel free to waste your time.

PhoebeCat Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

Just say thanks and move on. We haven't the time for ignorance.

RDBernard Level 3 Mar 8, 2019

"I don't believe in any god or gods, but I do appreciate the sentiment"


It feels like the more intimately I want to tell my friends that I'm an atheist the more they feel like I'm becoming a bad person. I just don't want them to walk away from me.

sillyangel Level 3 Mar 7, 2019

Sounds like you talked to them too much already pinoy!

Mark009 Level 1 Mar 7, 2019

I often get "I'll pray for you" or "God bless you" in a passive aggressive way from Christians trying to shame me for been atheists (since I'm open and unshameful about it). I usually reply: "I'm atheist but Thank You" or "I should tell you, I'm atheists". That gives them a chance to rethink their judgement because they think they're Superior for some reason because in some people's minds they really think you probably deserve "hell" (or terrible punishment) for not believing in God. Also you call out their hypocrisy for judging you without really knowing your heart.

If you dislike the person just ignore it or Laugh it Out. Best remedy to counter attack religious judgement. Because we know they're aren't perfect neither. I hope this really helps. Been there too many times. All the best!

missgi Level 4 Mar 7, 2019

i thank them

gater Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

In the South we say "Bless your heart" and every Southerner knows what that means.

Paceebene Level 3 Mar 7, 2019

Please don't.

SCatheist85 Level 3 Mar 7, 2019

Depends on the context of the judgement.

ToolGuy Level 7 Mar 7, 2019


zxcv1234asdf Level 1 Mar 7, 2019

Just thank them....they can’t do any harm to you by praying, even if they do no good. I have a gardener/ handyman who tells me that he always remembers me in his prayers, I just thank him sweetly and offer him a cup of tea. No sense in arguing with them, they think they are doing us a favour.

Marionville Level 9 Mar 7, 2019

They may not be actively judging you as much as you think, they may simply be clueless about their own impertinence. And in any case ... it's not worth taking personally even if it's meant personally. I don't care about the opinions of conspiracy theorists, flat-earthers or god-botherers, and they certainly don't care about my opinions. At least I have the good sense not to share them where they are not wanted.

One of the few Bible verses that's fairly true is "cast not your pearls before swine, less they trample them underfoot, and then turn and trample you." This cuts both ways. If an believer can't appreciate the value of our metaphorical pearls (rational thought, decent evidential standards) then there's no more sense in expounding upon them, than there is in them expounding on the glories of religious faith (believing assertions without a requirement of evidence) to us.

Let them make their ineffective prayers. It keeps them occupied.

mordant Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

Respond: "I'll think for you."

Paracosm Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

Say, “Knock yourself out.”

Aryn Level 5 Mar 7, 2019

Nothing fails like prayer.

JordanMarsh Level 4 Mar 7, 2019

Tell the big guy upstairs I'll take the money. 💰

KingofHarts Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

It would depend on the context. But if they are saying so, for example, because they want you to believe in their cultural god/religion, then I'd say "Good luck with that" and wink. Lol

VictoriaNotes Level 8 Mar 7, 2019
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