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Carlin called it years ago:


How do you block people again?

You claim to be a freethinker. Censorship is NEVER the correct solution. Go ahead and demonstrate your regressive leftism.

@PBuck0145 Im not leftist at all, your timing is nothing but inflammatory.

You are correct about the timing. The occurrence of the Christchurch massacre is an unfortunate coincidence. The perpetrator needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned for life, without any possibility of parole.

Opposition to Islam is not equivalent to hatred of Muslims. Islamophobia is a blatantly misunderstood term. Most of us who oppose Islam are sympathetic to its adherents, who are betrayed, oppressed and enslaved by their indoctrinated ideology. We encourage rationality and apostasy, not violence.

Bill Warner created the video before the act of terrorism occurred. I was unaware of the shooting at the time of the original post.



WTF...seriously? This is utterly disgusting. Today you post this?


People are commenting before watching the video.


this is nothing but islamophobia.

Do you actually believe that "Islamophobia" is a valid term?

@PBuck0145 yep.


Winning what - is it a zero sum game?

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