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QUESTION How much do you know about International Family Planning programs?

We don’t seem to have a lot of postings about family planning issues. This is a little known but very important organization that mainly works in developing countries. They deal primarily with surgical contraception but also have a lot of educational programs (like MAP -men as partners). All these groups, national and Int’l are seeing major cuts in their financing by the rabid U.S. Christian legislature. This group is one I have designated in my estate plan, it is that important to me.

JackPedigo 9 Mar 2

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One of the most quaint methods of birth control I ever read about is apparently practiced by the Australian Aboriginal natives..........No I am not trying to be funny ! ..........With a burnt toothpick like stick, they drill a hole at the base of the penis, and keep it in until the opening has healed.
When they want a child they block the outlet during ejactulation, otherwise leave it open for the sperm to escape as a means of family planning.

A native American historian once told us that the aboriginal males, after having 2 kids, would use rose thorns to give themselves vasectomies. Hunter Gathering societies understood the issue of population outstripping resources and tried to avoid infanticide as mush as possible. Agrarian societies have lost that concept.


Good information - sorely needed

jeffy Level 7 Mar 3, 2018

Great post! The current Administration has a negative ripple effect felt throughout the world. a couple of extremely wealthy donors ,and other countries have picked up their support for these International programs. The United States of America is a big s*** hole religious thug right now. We have some big elections coming up !get out and vote against Ultra conservative religious right pigs!


An important program. Thanks for the link!!

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