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Do you have free will?

Are you a free agent capable of making your own unique and random decisions?

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Chronicarus 4 Mar 19

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I'm not sure making random decision is free will. Rather I would consider it some form of intellectual impairment. Since random implies that all possible choices have an equal probability of being chosen, then I can't see how any goals could even be accomplished. Add the requirement that they be unique and random and I think you've placed an impossible burden on behavior.
I believe that my behaviors are controlled to a certain extent by biological predispositions, to some extent by my past decisions, and part by my personality.


Haha. But no.


I am free to make my own decisions, if they are unique, I don't know...


You are required first to define "Free will" so we can all have a common frame of reference as the basis for discussion.


I was compelled to click that box.


I show my students a video where an individual pricks their finger on a pin. Neurotransmitters have already activated and started to move muscles before the brain sends out pain transmitters. No free will is an illusion

You are confusing free will with instinctive behaviour perhaps?

@LenHazell53 How do you know the decisions you make aren't instinctual?

@Diagoras because a physical or mental reaction that is involuntary is defined as being instinctive, you know an action or reaction is a result of freewill because it is NOT instinctive.
The very fact that we can recognise one as not being the other marks them as different.

@LenHazell53 I am not confused at all. People can decide to inflict harm on themselves if they choose but the body has already reacted to any potential decision way before its made


I have limited freedom of choice. That's not free will, but it's sufficient.


No machine is perfect, and in its imperfection, its a sense of play...that's freedom. So in some indefinite sense we are free, animals, plants, all life is free in the limited sense of excess play.

cava Level 7 Mar 19, 2019

Of course. I am a strong, intelligent, independent woman.


He hasn't escaped again? 😉


I can't decide.


Course not

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