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LINK How to understand women by understanding women emotions

Women are easily misunderstood because we as man fail to understand their emotions. women speak through emotions and if you wish to understand women, you should understand her emotions

PulkitSharma 1 Mar 20

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you know who will never EVER understand women? people who think there is a way to understand women's emotions. women are not all alike, and to say women speak through emotions is not only tremendously ignorant but tremendously offensive. some women do, some don't, and the same is true of men. generalizing that women do this but men do that is... well, to put it bluntly, it's bullshit. i have met women who speak through intellect and men who speak through emotion and people of both genders who do a combination of both. it's not a gender thing. calling it a gender thing is perpetuating a destructive and hurtful stereotype and guaranteeing a widespread LACK of understanding... of people!



I believe this article is meant to help bridge communication gaps between men and women, by explaining that all women are different (true) and that men and women may process things differently.

Even if well intentioned, it's very poorly written unfortunately.


Wow sexist much!

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