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I'm new at this and I don't have many Questions

However I realize I 've not believed in God for many years but I've always felt like an outsider. I hope you bear with me as time passes I will ask a lot of Questions. Right now I'm reading "God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens Have you read it and do you have an opinion about it. Thank you.

CharlesMorris 5 Mar 20

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I'm old at this and l don't have many answers. This should work well.

Now I know I'm not alone with my thoughts


Welcome to the site. I've read this book and enjoyed it a great deal. Hitchens can be a little deep sometimes but always makes a lot sense, to me anyway. Look forward to your posts. It would be great if you wrote something in your bio so people can learn more about you.

Hitchens was a great Historian and since I am a student of History I got two bangs for my Buck. Before Hitchens I read Bart Erman's " Triump of Christianity" that too was a good read . I've always been interested in the Roman era when they ruled the world and it's ultimate collapse I didn't read it to find any belief or belief's but it was well written answered a few questions. One lesson that stuck with me is to be informed so I can have the info to make an educated decision.


I like Hitchens a lot. I also really like Alan Watts a lot. Dawkins is good. So is Robert pirsig. The demon Haunted World is of course essential to humanistic atheist agnostic whatever's. Sorry for the strange punctuation this was speech to text.

Welcome aboard!

Thank You, When I'm reading his books I can almost hear him speaking, I thought He had with his British accent a unique way of pronouncing words. Of course I watch his video's on You tube as well.


Welcome to the site!

I’ve never read God is not Great or any book specifically about atheism.

Actually it's not about atheism, It's what I think is an Historical over view of monotheism and how it is pitted against those whom do not subscribe to the unseen and how through word of mouth an how it's content is altered from one person to the next. He stated that 99% of the people living at that time could neither read nor write. As well as how inner connected the three major Religions were Judaism came first, then Christianity which took some of the books the Torah,. and Islam which took from both of 1st too. I found it to be very interesting. I still don't believe.

@CharlesMorris Thanks. I didn’t say it was about atheism, but I can see how one could think I implied that.


Awesome book! One of Hitch's best!

It certainly is a good book.


Welcome, Charles!

I have never gotten around to Hitchen's books, although I'm familiar with him generally. It's a defect I should probably remedy, but it's rather heavy fare for my limited reading time these days.

I personally enjoy shorter and more specific discussions with like-minded people. Be sure to browse around, you'll find lot of interesting topics here.

ah a short attention span, I can relate.


Howdy and welcome here. I really liked that Hitchens book. My first read, other than the bible, was the book Farewell to God by Charles Templeton.

Yes indeed, but like I said I believe it to be an History Book, and I love History.


Opinions by the score! But it's one of the basic 'texts' - search the author and you'll find a lot of posts and comments...

Thanks, I will.

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