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Rent a Finn. Finland, the happiest country in the world again, launches contest for free trip.

Love it!

"Our secret is in our nature, very literally. When others go to therapy, Finns put on a pair of rubber boots and head to the woods," said a release from Visit Finland announcing its sweepstakes to 'rent your very own Finn.'"


LiterateHiker 9 Mar 21

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In June 2017 I met a college student from Finland who was hiking the Appalachian Trail. After only 5 weeks on the trail he had gone 1000 miles and was almost halfway done. He wanted to be sure that he got to the end of the trail by mid-August so that he could catch his flight back home in time to go back to school. His trail name was "Bambi Magnet" since had been stalked by a deer hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on a previous visit to the US. Those Finns really know how to hike.


Finland , Finland , Finland
The country where I want to be
Pony trekking or camping or just watching T.V
Finland , Finland , Finland
It's the country for me

You're so near to Russia
So far away from Japan
Quite a long way from Cairo
Lots of miles from Vietnam

Finland , Finland , Finland
The country where I want to be
Eating breakfast or dinner
Or snack lunch in the hall
Finland , Finland , Finland
Finland has it all

You're so sadly neglected
And often ignored
A poor second to Belgium
When going abroad

Finland , Finland , Finland
The country where I quite want to be
Your mountains so lofty
Your treetops so tall
Finland , Finland , Finland
Finland has it all
Monty Python/Micheal Palin


A high suicide rate. Number 23 in the world with 15.9 per 100000. The USA is No. 29 with 15.3.


Finns are also physically active, and regularly take saunas. Contrast that to the typical sedentary, poor-diet, overweight/obese Amerikan. No wonder so many people here are depressed.

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