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Occupied Northern Ireland

When is Great Britain planning on returning Northern Ireland back to the Republic of Ireland?

How many years has it been since The Occupation began?

Great Britain walked away from Occupying India, and Palestine.

Isn't now the time for Great Britain to walk away from Northern Ireland?

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SidneyWinston 6 Mar 29

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I believe that's up to the Irish and the British.


Where in Northern Ireland is Vancouver?


It isn’t an occupation. You are completely ignorant of the facts and should desist from peddling such rubbish. When Ireland was partitioned in 1922 it was after an international treaty was signed between Great Britain and the Irish Free State. The majority of people living in the six counties of Northern Ireland had petitioned to remain in the United Kingdom and therefore remained British. The IRA tried for 30 years to bomb and kill their way to reunification, and were the reason British troops had to be put onto the streets in Northern Ireland, to protect the civilian population. The IRA gave up their campaign of violence in 1985 with the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, which is also an internationally binding agreement between the two sovereign states of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Written into it is a clause which states that the people of Northern Ireland shall remain British until a majority of its citizens wish to join the Irish Republic. Ireland has removed the two clauses in its constitution which laid claim to the territory of the six Northern Counties. People like you are dangerous, because you forment unrest out of sheer ignorance, and at a safe your irresponsibility brings no repercussions on you, but may well for those of us trying to live our lives in peace here on the ground in Northern Ireland. I suggest you find a cause nearer to your own back yard and leave us alone, there are enough troublemakers here already.

Your excuses don't phase me.

The fact is that Northern Ireland WAS part of Ireland and IS still part of Ireland. Silly treaties from generations ago do not change the real estate.

Times have changed, so Give Back To Ireland What You Stole From Ireland.

End British Occupation Of Northern Ireland Now!

@SidneyWinston Do you not understand that it will be unified if and when the people want it to be, it is enshrined in law. This is fact, and it is called democracy. I don’t need to make excuses, we are dealing in facts, whether you feel “phased”? or not by them. I presume you meant to write “fazed”, or perhaps you don’t know the different between the two! It isn’t in my gift to give anything back to Ireland, you are clearly mistaking me for someone who wields magical power. Nothing has been stolen from Ireland, and those “silly” treaties have binding obligations on both countries to adhere to, until the time when a majority wishes to rescind them. You are obviously not interested in knowing anything factual, so I believe this conversation is at an end.


Ok thats 3 out of 3 people from this part of the world who are telling you that you are WRONG! Now if you want to learn we can explain what happened. I am not for a minute suggesting UK gets out of this scottfree


Britain does not occupy Northern Ireland, it is part of Britain. Its citizens are British.


Are you for real???? This is not even slightly accurate!


I think Britain would love to see NI go back to Ireland. It costs them a fortune. Now that Brexit has fomented talk of unification, the question is does Ireland want it, and also can it afford it?

Yes and no.
I did a bucket list thing last summer - Belfast to Dublin without a border.
When I arrived in Belfast, I was amazed that all the people I met were 'British'. Huge Union flags fluttering everywhere intermixed with the red hand of Ulster.
The Conservatives will hang onto NI because it's part of Britain. Corbyne thinks they want to be independent, but will not talk to the majority.
The treasury wishes it would bugger off and stop absorbing money, and with this stupid Brexshit it will cost more as the IRA and others rise up again.
No doubt the government of Eire hopes we (British) will suck it up and grow up stopping Brexshit, because if by some reason the north finds itself out of Britain, then defacto ends up being their problem, and they cannot afford that. The Irish Self Defence Force simply isn't up to the task of policing the North.
Bloody Brexshit!

Why wouldn't the Republic of Ireland want to unify the whole island? The time has come.

@SidneyWinston I think it boils down to two things:

the cost
the difference in the people

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