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How important to you is critiquing your attitudes and assumptions as time goes by?

Cathamy 2 Mar 30

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I try not to be self-satisfied in my opinions and beliefs, I fact-check myself. But I generally find that objective facts back up my opinions. (Rather; my opinions have been formed by looking at objective facts.)


It's a constant process, microscopic adjustments towards actually living, not just existing, towards being present as a moral being, a thinking person, and in weighing the sum of your actions.


Not important at all.

zesty Level 7 Apr 9, 2019

Why would I want to critique my attitudes?? I came to my assumptions and conclusions by examining not my attitudes, but rather by examining my beliefs, or especially the beliefs of people whose attitudes were questionable!

  1. "Attitudes" and "beliefs" are synonymous.
  2. If you only examine everyone else's attitudes and beliefs, do you assume you personally are infallible?

If I had never critiqued my attitudes or assumptions, I wouldn't have become an atheist. But it's hard to do. I had to really be shaken into doing it.


I constantly revise my views and beliefs based on new information. I cannot remain static on most things. But having an open mind has sometimes been a curse because it places me outside of mainstream or popular views in a lot of politically charged areas.


Good if you can be objective and not self-deprivating. Most of all, use self-analysis to dispel religious, social or familial conditioning. Whatever it is you are not guilty and it’s safe to move on.


I think it’s important to be open to changing your mind, attitudes and assumptions included, when reality prompts you to do so. However continually reassessing yourself is also not healthy or necessary, I find it comes and goes in bursts. I do wish those people who believe in chemtrails and flat earth’s would become a little more realistic in their view of science and engineering though.


It's rather important to me. The unexamined life, and all that. I think it's more important in youth, through one's 20s, because those are the years most significant in forming values and developing a world view, but I don't think that's sufficient as we continue to grow and acquire new information that affects our perspectives. We're all capable of making mistakes and becoming invested in them, so I think it's valuable to be introspective to guard against that tendency.


One attitude I'll never change is "I'll not suffer fools gladly,"especially the truly annoying pestilent types of Faithfools.
And speaking of Faithfools, one can easily note that the Xrstian season is nigh because yesterday, here in my town, the Jehos were traveling around 2x2 inviting everyone to join them in celebrating and remembering the anniversary of the death, etc, of their mythological hero.
I think Ive offended them in some way in the past because they didn't invite me, a cause for yet another celebration in my house I'd say.


It's important and usually unpleasant but I feel the urge to do it. I wonder why because I'm not trying to qualify for heaven anymore. So I guess it's just the right thing to do and/or force of habit..


I used to do this all the time. Recently I have abandoned all efforts to form assumptions and attitudes and just tried to look at reality as objectively as possible and make the best decision possible for my given circumstance.


I engage in self introspection and self criticism all the time to make sure Im being honest.


It still plays a part.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

I make the necessary adjustments as needed.
The expectations of others do not concern me.
As another member likes to say, "do no harm".
That's good enough for me.

Well spoken.

The first sentence in common translations of Epictetus' Enchiridion is Some things are in our control and others not.
I think the Greek Stoics almost 2000 years ago identified a fine set of 'rules' to aspire to. And "do no harm" fits right in.


Not so much any more. With age comes..... Not wisdom, but realization that one does their best, continues to expand their knowledge and to let go of any fatiguing or nagging remembrances that could cause upset.

it could also be said that with age comes irrelevance.

@callmedubious depends how irrelevant you want to be!

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