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I've always been a very touchy-feely person. Having had many opportunities to work closely with many species has only enhanced my tendancies. I touch those I like and care about, sometimes I touch total strangers (never had anyone complain or run). And hugs - love close, cozy hugs ! In a relationship, I love contact - out in public, a short shoulder or back rub, an arm around my shoulder , a hand on my back, an arm around my waist , a stroke in my hair - all good ! And kisses .........
In a non-sexual setting, in general, what kinds of touching do you like - or not ?

evergreen 8 Mar 4

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Don't like touching or being touched by people. My kids and a significant other are the only exception. Other species I am fine with. I get into trouble all the time for comforting injured wildlife, I can't help myself, but this is frowned up on my the "experts".

Being a wildlife rehabber, I learned early on , that any non-essential touching or handling of the animals induces a lot of stress in them, and can actually contribute to their death. Also, it can cause issues later when they are released, and may approach humans too closely, and end up being reported as nuisance animals ! Helps me keep my hands to myself !

@evergreen Yes I got all that in my training, but for instance, one night I went out to get a koala, she was just sitting on a driveway, coudn't see, barely conscious. I couldn't get her to the wildlife hospital until morning and felt she only had hours left. There were 2 of use so I wasn't driving. We drove around to various food trees we know of just in case. I let her snuggle into me in the car, she just burried her face into my chest and held on. We set her up for the night but she died a couple of hours later. Necropsy revealed basically aids, she had never had young, was infertile and about 18 months old. I stay on the periphery of my wild life group, I get involved after bushfires because I can instinctively find animals, am trained in tracking and such. I have been rescuing animals since I was a kid and tend to stick to my instincts.
I know I am breaking the rules.


Me too. I will control myself if someone else is not touchy-feely. I also don't like invasive or pushy huggers. Too controlling.


I do not like to be touched.


Right, I will but do not enjoy touching someone I dis like or distrust I never put my heart in it when I have to shake someones hand if my hackles are up. If it is someone I care for I will openly express emotions for granted there is not many I trust. The amount of people I trust are less than the fingers than I have on one hand.

Agreed. If I'm meeting someone that I get bad vibes from, I will not shake hands or touch them at all. A simple hello is all they get (and a sideways smile) !


I’m very touchy-feely as well. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized not everyone is this was so I’ve learned to reign it in. I tend to try to read body language a little to try to gauge if I’m bothering someone. However, if I have a drink or three I forget to do that, lol.


I'm touchy-feely in a very selective manner. Lovers and very close friends are welcome, but I cringe away when a stranger brushes past me or a relative I'm not close to tries to hug me. Touch for me is a very personal thing, even mild contact. When I'm comfortable with someone though, I love all the contact, it just takes me a while to get to that point.


You nailed it for me


I'm similar. In meeting new people, I'm cautious but not stand-offish. Some people don't care for contact, but I do. I've always patted my people on the back for encouragement or approval. Yeah, I understand. I like hugs and willingly give them where they are appreciated.


im quite touchy-feely but it extends to objects too.

ha - me too ! love to handle everything in the produce section, or tools in a hardware store, squeeze the breads, squeeze stuffed animals in the toy section, and of course every curious nose in an area with live animals !

yes and smooth objects or wood, glass and much more.

@LeighShelton silk

yes anything like that

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