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that was obvious to anyone with a brain.


Socialism ruined another country and killed an untold number of people. Time to end the socialist experiment.

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

It works very well in many European countries, all of which rate as happier plces to live than the U.S., and many also have higher standards of living too.

using your same language, capitalism has ruins many countries and killed many people too.

@snytiger6 There are no socialist countries in Europe. In some countries there are plenty of social services but the country is not a socialist one.

@zesty I guess it depends on your definition of Socialism. Democratic Socialism seems to be growing, not just in Europe but is a growing movement in the U.S. too.

Mussolini defined Fascism as the merging be4tween corporations and the state. So Fascism would be an extreme form of cap[italism (there is some confusion about this because Hitler was elected as chancellor on a Socialist ticket, but once in office he purged all the socialists from his government, killing or jailing most of them. Marxism is an extreme of Socialism, just s fascism is an extreme of capitalism. Both extremes have destroyed countries and killed many people. Both are also totalitarian. If you placed the extremes on a line of political/economic platorms, they woudl be on opposite ends of tha tline, but you coudl very easily take the ends of both lines and bend theyp so their ends connect to form a circle. The extremes of either capitalism and socialism are not really all that far apart in structure. Both exremes only really benefit a very few, and the distribution of power is done pretty much in the same way.

China, although ti calls itself "Communist", with thei economic changes with free market experiments, hve come to more closely reflect a Fascist government with a merging of state a corporate interests (as defined by Mussolini). If we consider th gradation of economic/political plans to form a circle, they have crossed over the top onto the other side.

@snytiger6 It is not my definition. Everything is determined by the ownership of the means of production. There are social services and there is socialism. These two are not interchangeable.

@zesty You can't define humanity in terms of black and while and expect any kind accuracy. Humanity is divers an runs along continuums. As do philosophies and governments.

It isn't a matter of havign socialism or not. It is a matter of how much socialism you have. You might view it as how many social services you have, but social services are not a part of capitalism.

@snytiger6 Economics 101: means of production's ownership matter. Talk is cheap, so is social engineering.


Of course it is. Also, ask why the trumpsterfire administration has said almost nothing after one short comment on the Russians having troops there.

I think Guaido is toast, he was counting on Trump, not too smart.

@Buttercup ,
they'll get rid of Maduro, one way or the other.
they have patience & money..unlimited funds from the printing presses.

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