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LINK The Right-Wing Doesn't Want to Talk About Christian Atrocities, So Let's Talk About Christian Atrocities

Wow, so much blood, so much death in the name of the loving god.

HippieChick58 9 Apr 7

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Throughout History the Christians have murdered Heretics, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and anyone who doesn't believe their form of Christianity.


It hasn't stopped from before the crusades to present..religions need to be crushed..


There’s a more subtle and yet similarly insidious piece of Christian persecution going on right now - across the world - and that’s the war on the gays.

Across Africa Christians lead the way in trying to criminalise, often with the death penalty, gay sex between consenting adults.

And Transgender people are on that hit list as well..

@Charlene So are the atheists! One of the many reasons we need to arm ourselves.

@zesty well I’d go for investment in high quality mass education which I think is the most secularising force in the world. More guns seems like an immensely bad idea

@Charlene I’ve stopped travelling to Africa in the last few years for a range of reasons but the concept was almost unknown in popular culture but you can bet your life that the evangelical Missionaries will have given them something new to hate there as they did with homosexuals.

@OwlInASack Bad idea? Why? Only the criminals and fanatics should be armed? Disarm the decent people?

@zesty sure. we take that view in the UK and it’s worked out dramatically better for us than for the US. We arm specialist police response units only.

There’s nowhere in the world with any evidence that arming the general population does anything but increase innocent deaths.

So sure. Let’s not arm the general population.

@OwlInASack Well, I think London is in the UK, isn't it? WIth a muslim city leader. Congrats!

@zesty yeah. He’s bit right wing for me to be honest. Not sure what that’s got to do with arming the general population but anyway.

What’s wrong with a Muslim mayor? Genuinely: are you just opposed to all Muslims as a matter of principle? Sadiq’s sory of alright. Bit too keen to prove his business credentials sometimes.

Do you know any Muslims? Really? I know loads and they’re very ordinary people...

@zesty Were are you getting your info?

@OwlInASack The problem I see with Muslims is when it becomes a way of life and they expect other people to follow their superstitious. For instance, i chaired a university committee where a guy needed to pray periodically during meetings. He was very upset when the other professors were unwilling to wait for him.

@zesty well Sadiq is pretty secular so that’s not happening. We have a Muslim Home Secretary too and he’s horrific - not for his religious views: it’s his stupidity and lack of empathy. He worships Ayn Rand of all the crass idiocy... I have a lot bigger problem with that than with his religion

The prayer thing could be a pain but no more so than smokers say who need a break repeatedly during the day. I can make space for that. We’ve all got our foibles.

I was less tolerant of a member of staff who used to bring a bible to work and wanted to convert everyone. That was time to step in and discuss what’s appropriate or not. I’d do the same for any religious proselytising in the work place

@OwlInASack In my opinion the right place for any religion is the home bathroom. Take a shit and enjoy God!

@zesty Well - I was wondering wy you picked out the Muslim. After all my whole government pretty much is Christian. I find them as bad...


Yep. Just following their God. Given he was a violent POS, a mass murder, serial murderer, spree killer, and general murderous fiend. Fun fact:
God murdered 3.2+++ million people
Satan murdered 10

(Even for fiction, that's some seriously twisted psyche for a main character.)


Republican and Democrat are two wings off of the same bird. They both support the wars for profit, the war crimes, the imperialism, the apartheid state of Israel.

THHA Level 7 Apr 7, 2019

They have certainly seemed so... the Republicans with perhaps a little less hypocrisy: they’ve always been clear it’s about the filthy lucre. The Dems tend to talk about human rights. Same outcome

There’s a member here - @zesty - who told me today that the US always over compensates the victims of its military aggression. What an amazing thing to believe! (For clarity and balance the Brits don’t either...)


And here they pick on Muslims so much, smh.


That blood shed is so unnecessary to help humanity.

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