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Why do atheists and agnostics have to hide their beliefs in the work setting. I see and hear many religious people announce their beliefs. Why should we be shunned? Why are we treated differently? Will there ever be a time when we can get representation?

Joshuahenley 6 Mar 5

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Don’t get me wrong I’m dick about it. But in the south it can cost you your job. The point of the post is that there is strength in numbers and there has to be more than this web site to help give our friends encouragement so they don’t feel alone or chastised. I do want everyone to know the south is horrible when it comes to atheists. They are not allowed to hold government office in Arkansas!


I would also say it has to do with the lack of symbols an atheists utilizes in their belief. Christians have the cross, which is constantly incorporated into pictures, art, decorations, jewelry, etc... It makes it far more visible than the beliefs of a non-believer.

That being said, work is not a place for religion. That should be done on one’s freetime.


Most people sitll equate "religion" with being "good" so that's why the religious fly their flag and don't get grief for it. Most religious also find the fact that atheists merely exist frightening. We are direct evidence that their claims aren't as true as they might hope. I think the more atheists/agnostics are "out" the better, but I do respect that some people just can't that risk.

velk Level 4 Mar 6, 2018

Because most religions preach hate and/or murder of atheists and agnostics. They also get all bitchy when you tell them you don't believe their magic space wizard doesn't exist. It's hypocritical at best, deadly at worst.


I intensely dislike the idea of announcing/drawing attention to ANY beliefs in the workplace!
WTH is Human Resources when this happens ? It creates a hostile work environment!


What type of organization do you work for? This type of question comes up often on this site and I am always confused by it. What type of an organization allows people to announce their religious beliefs? That's totally unprofessional, and borders on religious discrimination, which is illegal. I don't feel I have to hide my beliefs, but neither do I need to announce them to everyone I work with. I live in Michigan and this stuff doesn't happen, at least not in the firms I have worked in

Schools anywhere in the south and any small communities around the US.

@Joshuahenley What would happen if you complained to HR?

I ended up leaving. I was introduced by the superintendent to a school board member as a “fine Christian man”. That is 100% true.

@Joshuahenley I'm just enough of a professional smartass that I would have said (were the gender appropriate), "Thank you so much for saying I am a fine man." They might not have gotten it, but then again. I'm so glad I live in the midwest, I guess. Or maybe I'm glad I work in a setting (college) where no one gives a flip about whether anyone is a churchgoer.


I don't hide it at all.


My mom was actually bullied out of her job as a SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DOMESTIC BATTERY ADVOCATE because she is atheist. Her coworkers harassed her about it, going so far to bring her souvenirs from the creationist museum and leaving bibles in her drawer.

You know what I say, FUCK THEM.....just because they don't have any brains. Just watch the news.....look at history....what has Jesus done??? NOTHING! Jesus is doing nothing, Buddha is doing nothing, Mohamed is doing nothing...God and the Angels are doing nothing!!! It's a dog eat dog world. And they tell you you have to believe this stuff....."Or go to hell"...... I have this genius friend and he says that a physicist proved that if there is a God, he CANNOT be in this Universe. And that makes sense to me. Because everything in this Universe keep spinning, and moving forward, evolving...... I mean the size of the Universe is just unbelievable. Billions and billions of galaxies out there....omg....for us to understand what is going on is like a flea understanding a dog!! There is no rhyme or reason to a lot of the shit going on on the planet, There is so much hate and killing, it is really stupid. And ti takes so much money to just live. And that's one thing Jesus has done, allows a lot of ministers to make a shit load of money......WTF...


sheep are hurding animals


Joshua, I got tired of being shunned but even more tired of being in denial. Now I ease others into my thoughts be pointing out commonalities in how we live and by referring to myself only as 'not religious'. Remember Obama in his (some speech or another) included the believers and those who do not believe. non-believers are a growing minority. Hang in there.


I don't hide my beliefs at work. I did at first. But as I got to know the others at work and they got to know me, my beliefs began to be known. Everyone accepts them and me.


Yes it's wrong. I look forward to a world where this isn't the way.

We are only 2 to 3 percent of the entire population. It's never good to be a small minority.

They fear us (We worship Satan, eat babies, and a few other things I can't remember). Because we don't actually do those things.

They fear us because they don't understand that we don't have magical beliefs.
It threatens their beliefs if someone doesn't believe.

I'm sure someone will have more.

Once again, I wanna know, what did Noah feed to the dinosaurs???


Muslims are shunned in many places in America and India. Jews are shunned in most Muslim countries as are Christians. And in a very few places on earth, all religious people are shunned.

In general, people just hate each has nothing to do with religion. Most people are just angry because they ain't getting any!!! Some people get who they want when they want, the rest get leftovers!!!....People having hot sex in the bedroom don't go out and kill people. They may die of a heart attack while having sex, but THEY WILL NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE WHILE HAVING SEX!!!

@FlyingEagle1952 Although I agree with you for the most part, the implication of what you're saying is that Chester Bennington's wife could have saved him but didn't. Depression, often messes sex drive, so implying sex could fix it is just the wrong way of looking at the problem since causality can be cyclical.

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