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LINK A Teacher Is Fired Over a Topless Selfie, Stirring a Debate Over Gender Equity

Just for the record... I am a naturist. I think laws that prohibit nudity are a vilation of freedom of expression (speech).

In this particular case the issue is whether or nto women shoudl have the same topless rights as men. I dotn' see why they shoudl not.

snytiger6 9 Apr 16

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I hope she wins. I'm not sure about her defense but it's clear she was victimized (it wasn't a public photo) and they further victimized her by firing her.


Hope she wins her lawsuit.

zesty Level 7 Apr 16, 2019

Bizarre choice of defense for a situation where the offline equivalent is that a peeping tom student spied on a private moment between a teacher and her boyfriend.
But then again sacking that teacher is a bizarre reaction to that scenario. Can't help wondering what we're missing here.

There are missing parts, for sure! Is the school administration predominantly Catholic?

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