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When I share this with Christians online I get crickets.

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I will borrow this . With your permission

Fine by me. I have no idea who made the meme. It's been in my file for a while.


I love this one ! Thanks Victoria!


Ouch lol


Okay, that's a hoot. Going on my FB wall...

How do I do that? FB is all new to me.

@Wildgreens Create a Facebook account. Start there. Then watch Youtube instructional videos on how to post on your wall. It's all pretty simple; not much different than here...


And what did he get in return? A group that only learned how to be even more violent and evil and used him as an excuse for their vitriol. Maybe he should have crawled back into the crypt.


I love crickets!


Why should someone die for someone else's sins?.God sending his son to be slaughtered for someone else's sins is evil and cruel. If any of us did that we would be locked up.

Exactly, and Christians are framed and shamed for a murder they didn't commit.

The idea behind it was the old Jewish concept of justice, that you had to pay for your sins: you, or someone/something in your stead. Cuz, you know, God was a prick. Therefore the sacrificial lamb, of which Jesus became the embodiment of for all of humanity, not just the Jews. Blood sacrifice is such a barbaric concept, but there you have the "logic."


He basically walked around doing whatever he wanted to and then had a bad weekend.


Well that's an interesting point but if I may play "devil's" advocate (ha!) for a moment, if it was only a weekend it certainly wasn't a weekend in the park. Crucifixion wasn't just designed to kill; it was deliberately designed to humiliate and torture, in the most excruciating way imaginable at the time. You were stripped naked in front of your entire community and nailed to a post in a position that made it difficult to breathe. You were beaten and poked with spears. When your muscles gave out, your body weight pulled your arms out of their sockets. You were left that way to die the slowest, most humiliating, and most painful death they could engineer at the time.

If Jesus had been a real person (which I seriously doubt) and he had done that alone for my sake, I'd feel indebted beyond anything I'd be willing to repay frankly, whether he came back to life afterwards or not. But I think that's the point that Christians and non-believers alike seem to get wrong, in my opinion... that it was supposedly a real event, that a real person did for your or my salvation.

It seems to me rather an allegory symbolizing a psychological journey any individual must take in order to loosen the bond of ego-identification. The torture on the cross symbolizes the perceived terror of impending "ego death" and the resurrection is the discovery that loss of ego identity doesn't kill you after all; it just liberates you from needless suffering.

Or at least that's what knowledgeable religious scholars say anyway. The rank and file Christian shouldn't be expected to know any more about Christianity than the rank and file computer user would be expected to know about writing code. It's really expecting more of them than is realistic, and this meme is intended as an insult rather than a way to lift their understanding.

Christianity claims to be about love. If people who claim to be Christians are not behaving in loving ways, then to that extent they have failed to be Christians. If people who don't claim to be Christians prefer to belittle rather than to lift up, then they have failed to be any better than the thing they are criticizing. People are just people, even when we are mistaken. We are all just doing the best we can with the situation we were handed. There are no evil others.


skado Level 9 Apr 16, 2019

As I said below, I only share this with Christian who insist that their god loves me so much and that this sacrifice proves it. I wonder how many innocent people died the say way? Plenty, I'm sure.

As a seasoned blogger, I've seen many deconverts state that they came to the realization because of such criticisms in this vein or worse. Everyone is different in what prompted them to question their beliefs, and the overwhelming impact that people like Dawkins and Hitchens had speaks volumes with regard to style.

Not everyone is doing the best they can as you assume. Many are doing it for power over others, and I'm sure you must be aware of that by now.

I'll also add that the 2nd largest denomination (the Catholic church being the first), and the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. (Southern Baptist Convention) believe the bible is inerrant and literal.

"I'm not impressed."

@maturin1919 Yeah, give me a break. []


AND he got promoted.


If I give up my weekend, will someone join me in sinning? PLEASE!!!

I'm sure Christians would love to join you. After all, they assume they can be forgiven.

@VictoriaNotes .... and I could have a go at converting them!!

@Petter Haha -- good luck with that. Why would they want to convert? They can have their cake and eat it, too.

@VictoriaNotes Because if they want a second helping of the state of ecstacy and euphoria I created, they will only be considered after swearing apostacy!

@Petter But can you match the sustaining dopaminergic effect of the anticipation of eternity?

@VictoriaNotes What I supply seems to last an eternity. The dopamine release is overwhelming I've been told by satisfied participants.

@Petter OIC 😀

@VictoriaNotes They don't. Their eyes are shut tight in ecstacy! 🤣😆😅

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