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LINK Trump's constitution

altschmerz 9 Apr 16

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Trump: "According to the Constipation, I can do whatever I want! I'm the President! And you're not!"


Jesus H Christ on a Penny Farthing, I am pretty sure I have heard Trump quote this!
Seriously, does the Tangerine in chief actually believe this IS the constitution?



I'm so glad I clicked this, had not found a single Jim Wright reference in a month here, and when I asked if he was popular my only reply was 'Who?' .

[JW is one of the few reasons I haven't fled the country entirely.]

@Allamanda I love that guy, not only do I read his blog regularly I follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Too real, man, too real


Gotta be careful posting stuff like this. There are people out there that won't understand that it's satire. 😣😒

Oh come on, it’s so over the top.

@altschmerz I present example A: Pralina1 here thinks it's true.. 😁

@Captain_Feelgood I’m pretty sure she doesn’t.

@altschmerz She says there in her reply she does... "So sad and so true and so laughable..."

@Captain_Feelgood keep in mind English is not her first language. (I hate talking about a person as if she’s not here though.)


Ughhh 😩 So sad and so true and so laughable at same time ! I emailed to self ! Thank u for sharing ! 😂

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