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LINK China built a stealth amphibious assault drone for island warfare, and it could be headed to the South China Sea

As confrontation with the expansionist Chinese empire creeps closer...

Elganned 8 Apr 17

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I'm not worried about expansionist China.
So China is developing these weapons despite there being no aggressive military steam rolling around the world...bastards.
I would sink them along my coastal territory to lay dormant. And if any aggressive incursion occurred, let them rip. The US would be doing the same.
If you think other countries aren't developing drones which coordinate then think again. Israel especially scares me because they are cowardly enough to use them in urban areas. It would not be out of character for them.
Combine the military with AI, renewable power (will be weaponised one day also), robotics and nano technology and it's a scary future. Yet huge money, $21 trillion unaccounted for the last 20 years, is thrown at the Pentagon to make war.
If China is spending it's resources in this area, they are reacting to US willingness to use it's military and placing garrisons ever closer to their border. This is where I, as a human, I direct most of the blame for the world heading in this direction.
I like Americans, but I wish your country would redirect your resources from the military and stop all the "thank you for your service" glorification of military service. What's that teaching the kids?
Don't worry, my countries no innocent either.


If it is like anything else Chinese made it will only last about 5 minutes until it breaks or disassembles.

Like Boeing?

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