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LINK Pastor asks students to spit on him, cut him as part of Easter lesson - CNN

Yeah. Ok. NO!! This guy's a masochist with a humiliation fetish, using Jesus's crucifixion as a way to bait youths into doing what turns him on. His intent was honorable, though. FFS. smh

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 20

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What a pervert, but what does it say about kids who were willing to do this and laugh?

Too bad cell phones and the Internet didn't exist in Biblical times, we'd get to see crucifixions all over Youtube.

@altschmerz As it is we have have to make do with gruesome bloody statues inside and outside of RC Churches traumatising little kids.

You've got to love an organisation that says a picture of a woman's breasts are going to corrupt beyond redemption any child who sees them, but a statue of blood soaked dying man in a nappy nailed to a 2 by 4 with thorns on his head is spiritually edifying.




FFS, these Fundie Faithfools are at it again, WHEN will it ever end?


Yikes, not another one


A real sick fuck, and I expect no less anymore.

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