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Got to love a stout beer called Sweet Baby Jesus

Only thing the could make it better would be fries in the shape of crosses, with catchup

djs64 7 Apr 24

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This is all I can say...


LMAO funny


Order a sweet bj for shorthand, could be a winner


Why must I love it?

Because stouts are delicious!


Got to love stout, full stop.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 25, 2019

I'll have to try it some time!


Back when I could drink, I used to love stouts! Reminds me of Guiness, just lookin at it!


I'm a fan of Porters and Stouts. Living near Portland Oregon, there are alwasy new beers to try, a the tri-county area is the micro-brew capital of the world.

If you ever get the chance, try Stovepipe Porter. It's the only beer that ever inspired me to write a letter to the brewery that made it, thanking them.

@Jnei Hmm. I tend to like many so-called "winter beers", which are only produced in the winter. Iparticularly like one called Black Diamond, which is a chocolate stout, and another one called Snow Plow, which is Milk stout. Wha tis really frustratign obut "winter beers' is that they are nto even produced every winter, when at least these two, I'd want o be avaiable yer round.

Perhaps, I shodul write to the breweries to let then know how much their beers are missed.

@snytiger6 I too enjoy winter ales. They've become popular over the last few years here and many of the small breweries produce them. The fact that once they've gone they're gone forever is part of the charm.

@Jnei I guess on the brighter side, it kind of helps me try out new beers.... because the ones I like are no longer available.


That looks tasty!

They should make a very strong version and call it

Jesus Christ Almighty!

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