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LINK Washington passes bill to become first state to compost human bodies - The Washington Post

This is certainly a way to remember your loved ones. Or your frenemies, perhaps. Until it becomes more economically feasible, though, I don't see it catching on. I'd certainly have it done, were it to become an option in VA. (Right now I have plans to donate my corpse to the nearest med school. The thought of being of use after I'm gone is nice. What I REALLY wanted to do, being mystery buff, is donate my body to BODY FARM for study in Tennessee, but I live outside their catchment area and would have to pay to have it shipped there. And since I really do believe in acting local, sigh, I decided to help a med school here.)

BookDeath 8 Apr 29

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About time.

Jacar Level 8 May 24, 2019

Not a good idea to recycle organic remains of species that are too close to us. if not very well controlled all those parasites that evolved to attack us can have a new way to spread.
The same goes for all superior apes, we are too close, infections from one can too easily jump to others.


Crazy USA. I suppose this has some cred. IN DC it is still perfectly legal to fuck an animal.


Wouldn't that make for extra-stinky compost?


Why not. Another way to make a buck!


I love this idea. None of that polluting formaldehyde for me as it is. And now, no polluting the air. Good news.

My body goes to medical research - unfortunately they cremate at the end.

@Beowulfsfriend I'm curious how great a need there is for this (assuming one's body has no particular special qualities)? Is there a demand?
My main reason for wondering, is I work in 3rd world aid, and most of what is donated is useless as it takes 3x the value in resources to get it to the intended recipient... I don't want disposal of my carcass to cost an institution money for nothing.

@Allamanda There is enough of a need that institutions are actively seeking people. And paying a token shipping fee. The groups have the option to opt out - too badly damaged body, possibly too many in the system at the time, contagion, etc. I think, as an off theory, that with the rise of body "farms" for forensic research (which have long waiting list oddly) may have lessened the bodies available for medical research. Just a thought. There is also the fellow (German maybe) who plasticises bodies - his list is way long.

@Beowulfsfriend ah very interesting! None of it applicable to those of us who live in remote areas I imagine but that's always the way.

@Allamanda I'm sure much if what is donated isn't worth using. On the other side, I've seen things changed to make some donations harder to do, especially here in the US for the homeless. Side story: about 12 years ago I was at a Pep Boys and overheard a conversation - an African fellow stopped by and wanted to know if they could donate used tires. The manager said it wasn't legal; then he said something I did not expect. He told the man when the garbage pick up came and said if the tires piled up to be taken disappeared the night before he wouldn't know or say anything about them leaving early. Sad that people have to "break the law" to help others.

@Beowulfsfriend yes, it is sad. Brings to mind all the people arrested for feeding the homeless recently.

@Allamanda I know. And in NYC, they can no longer cull the geese at the airports and give the meat to the homeless shelters. They could still cull the geese, but PETA was keeping quiet as long as the meat went to the homeless. So now the city has two problems: more cost to feed the homeless and less resources to do so; and more dangerous flying conditions (remember, that is what brought down the flight in Washington D.C.)

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