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A little light reading

I just picked up "The Skeptics Annotated Bible", I got tired of marking up my regular bibles with questions. Has this book helped you to be justly critical and debate more intelligently?

MiguelMachado 5 Mar 7

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It is not that I am looking for debates, I grew up in a very religious home, and at one point I did believe. I educated myself and learned that I was no loknger convinced. But that doesn't stop my family from witnessing to me regularly. So just telling them I'm an athiest isn't enough. I have to explain to them why, and part of that is showing them the unraveling that happened to religious dogma from a skeptic puont of view. I'm hoping this book helps me talk to my family better about why I lack belief. I wish talking to my family was as easy as not bringing it up, but they live breath eat Christianity and there is no way to avoid it without avoiding them. I agree how shmo down the street I'm it even going to engage because Why? But I care what my family thinks so I hopebthis book helps.


Lol...I use it all the time, or at least the website. Twice on this site just this morning, in fact!



I have a copy and I have used some tidbits during discussions with theists just to emphasize the idea that they usually have no clue what's in their book. I have used it as a reference book as well and find some of the notations amusing.


??? Why would I want to read about it, or debate it? Do you read Easter Bunny books and have arguments over them. Or Hindu books? Or the Torah?
I don't really care what people believe as long as they allow me to do the same.


I must get this. Thank you


I discovered the skeptics annotated Bible several years ago online. I loved it, since I grew up being taught that the bible was the inerrant word of god. I've never had the paper version, but it would be a handy reference.


Not at all, magic does not exist and the bible requires you believe in magic, therefore the bilbe is nonsense. It is time we simply stop defending our position of being atheist by referring back to a book of nonsense that relies on the existance of magic.

Stop debating and start dismissing, we are the sane ones not those that live in a world of superstision and ignorance.

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