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LINK Mohamed Noor trial: US police officer found guilty of third-degree murder of Justine Damond | US news | The Guardian

This is a mixed bag. Finally a cop is held accountable for over-zealous & lack of concern for anyone but other law enforcement personnel. But I think we all must wonder: if this woman would have been non-white and the cop had been white, would this have played out differently?

(This guy shot her from inside the cop car, across his partner. That alone tells just how trigger happy law enforcement in America is. We see this ineptness time and time and time yet again. Shameful.)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 30

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Since the woman was an Aussie, Australians have been waiting with baited breath on this one. We know what the reputation of the US police force and few of us had faith in it. There would've been a massive outcry if Noor had been acquitted.

Recently I have been hearing a little more about your so called justice system. Namely Plea-bargains. So many, particularly black people who feel powerless against an institution that paints them guilty before they utter a word. They cannot afford a decent lawyer. Innocent people are pleading guilty so they have a shorter time in jail. Don't tell me you live in a democracy.


The cynical me ponder that very point earlier today. I’m glad I’m not alone!


You're right, different colors might mean different results, and the trigger happy police...never ending story!


Bad 👎


I agree. 1st thing that popped into my mind also. Strange indeed. And what's up with shoot to kill anyway?
Seems like not all that long ago they had Tasers.

twill Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

Recently at our airport, Brisbane , Australia, some nutter was running around threatening people with a knife. He was eventually subdued by police using rubber bullets. I couldn't help thinking how different it would be in USA


Cops are trigger happy and minorities fear one another....the solution is longer training and rules preventing killer cops shooting first and covering up their racist incompetence later


You are exactly right. If he was white and she not, then not guilty.

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