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I write a monthly arts column for a local publication. The April feature will be on ELLA, FIRST LADY OF SONG at The delaware Theatre Company. I had e-mailed the theatre with questions for the director (who also conceived the production); well he called me!! The director is Maurice Hines--actor, dancer choreographer, singer, director and brother of the late Gregory Hines. My little brush with fame...

TheatreGal714 3 Mar 8

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She was as good as it gets.


Ella is one of my favorite vocalists.


I had the Secretary of the Navy call me once that was interesting. I was nervous, then kept reminding myself that they were just a person too.


That sounds great! I play jazz and am a huge Ella fan. Who is doing the music and is there anything I can help with?


I was always a fan of them. I remember when it was Hines Hines and Dad. I would love to see your finish column. Ella Fitzgerald was amazing.


Why is the brush with fame so important to you, you write a colume in a publication any director of a production would be a fool not to use your free publicity in your colume?

It was just fun to speak with him. Such a warm and friendly man!! And he had great stories. I've also met Tyne Daly (absolutely beautiful) and David Straithairn (of "Good Night & Good Luck)

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