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What a joke, they are as bad as evangelicals to take those fairy tales as history.

Carin Level 8 May 2, 2019

If its in the bible it must be true? Right. It seems I write this once a week. And they say it is the most historically accurate book ever. Now really?? Who is on mushrooms.?? How would anyone know if it were the most historically accurate book? Think about it. They would need to have read every contemporary book and and compare it to the actual history, and how would they know what the actual history entailed unless they lived it from the perspective of all the contemporary tribes, which is impossible to do. Wishful thinking much? And people, actually mostly men, who were stupendously ignorant of the workings of the earth like Jerry Springer contestants from 2000 years ago wrote the bible and at the council of Nicea in about 365 AD, a bunch of men sat around with reams of supposedly sacred texts and decided to put a bunch together of their liking, rejecting others and ended up calling it the bible. Now there's a reliable set of historical texts. Must be true. How silly of me??


It's their religious text and why they're in the middle east instead of somewhere in South America. So yeah, that is literally their only claim to that particular section of land.

1of5 Level 8 May 2, 2019

See above comment.

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