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What are your deal breakers? Not like the major ones (dishonest, unfaithful, self obsessed, abusive) but like little deal breakers

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Mar 8

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Deal breakers:
No rRumpeteers allowed.
Religious nutbags.
Cannot hate cats.


Cigs are still a breaker for me, that and large festering wounds on the face. Lol


I'm not really a jugdemental person, and I think its dickish to have ultimatums, but... if you don't enjoy pizza, I just can't allow that much negativity in my life.

Marz Level 7 Mar 11, 2018

I don't trust anyone who says they don't like pizza. They're obviously inhuman


Religious, materialistic, bad hygiene, fiscally irresponsible,


People unable to accept the adamantine bond between me and my cat. Youre going to have to deal that Im his Chewbacca, and we just went all over America, coast to coast election working/fightin redhats/nazis. Its real. Theres a lot of them. They almost got us in Vegas.


Intelkectually dead people that do not ask questions and are generally afraid to be smart. Zzzzzz


One upper. Past boyfriend blamer. Name dropper. Fickle. Vain..spiritual bypasser. Into dumb "woo" stuff, magic rocks, ghosts, witches, vampires. People that are 40 or 50 but try to act/dress like they are 17. Drunks. Pill poppers that don't need to pop pills. Tinderplayers. Women that want complex foundation or roof work done for free on date two. Disinterested people that could be there, or could be home washing a dog, either way, they are half checked out in a phone, but are ok with me cheffing on the spot for 20 people, or doing childcare, and fix the road bearings on the car, stuff the ex bf in a dumpster when they show up at 2am drunk. Other than that, were just friends, lol.


My biggest dealbreaker is being pedantic. I do not like being spoken to as if I'm a child, or any less intelligent than you. People who act like they're superior irritate me. Another is people who think just because we are seeing each other gives them the right to tell me what to do. If I decide to shave my head you can say "I don't think that would look good on you, but it's your hair so your decision" not "I'd break up with you if you shave your head" Bitch bye! Always turning the conversation towards sex. If I am trying to get to know you and it goes similar to this, we done. "So what do you do for a living?" "Oh I'm a welder lol send nudes?"

When do you want to shave your head? Can we film it?

@rafferty I did that about 6 years ago, and my then boyfriend was very upset.


@rafferty there's a reason he's an ex


Right-winger and Trump minions. Fanatical Religious. SMOKER, if the person treats others poorly and if the person doesn't like animals

Teddi Level 2 Mar 9, 2018

Right-winger and Trump minions. Fanat

Teddi Level 2 Mar 9, 2018

I love a woman with natural nails that are well taken care of, and with a borderline foot fetish...well, I would have to say nails that have been chewed on and matching toes.

Tippa Level 5 Mar 9, 2018

People that cannot help out with /complain about my frankenstein nails after throwing down 16 hour days building cars and making car parts would be unappreciative of the megaindustrial lifestyle.


I don't date, so these are friendship deal-breakers. I can't really be friends with someone who doesn't read. I can be an acquaintance, but true talking-for-hours friendship with me requires reading books. There also has to be some level of political engagement. If you have the attitude that what goes on in Washington, or at a state level, or a town level doesn't concern you and you don't care, then I'm going to find you mystifying at best, frustrating at least, and likely highly annoying. And lastly: If your speech is extremely grammatically incorrect, I'll find that distracting. I don't mean regionalisms. It's not an absolute deal-breaker but comes close. If I find it combined with terms like "nigger-rig" and "jew you down, " though, THAT will get you cast out of my life in a heartbeat!

I come from backwoods Missouri where we always said niggarig but I make an effort not to anymore, preferring "hillbilly rigged" instead

Racism, ppl dedicated to regionalisms are a strike. I just got out of a relationship with a psychopath lady (red flags and all) that called me a "yankee" but not in a fucking around way, in a Mayella Ewell way, like a for real way. I got her drunk on wine and the real lady appeared.


Little white lies that start on day one and pile up like garbage until I can't remember which story I'm supposed to believe anymore. And they sit there like everything is fine.


Makes constant spelling errors, if they are more interested in me more than I am in them.

I can love a loveable dummy with a big heart, but it had better be made of platinum


Smoking (which is a big one and yet...).

I thought I'd never say this, but it turns out moving too fast is a deal breaker (not allowing the relationship to naturally gestate into a loving physical one... and... my history is a FAST one so I am NOT one to talk... this includes my wife with whom I had a 23 year relationship 18 of which were married, so, I'm the first one to say that being fast is not necessarily fatal... but, I KNEW in her case and... when not sure, go slow and let the fermentation work it's magic is the way I'll end this overlong 'splanation).

Honest... not as in lying, but as in NOT knowing yourself well enough to be honest with yourself and thus KNOW you are being honest in your relationship. I am getting perspective in this working with a student who isn't lying so much as simply doesn't know himself well enough to articulate what he is feeling, who he is, and thus is hampering our ability to help him. It's ok to struggle with these concepts, so long as you are honest (with yourself) enough to be able to say "you know, I don't know." 🙂 Trust me... there are still some "I don't knows" on my shelf, but I know that they are there, and I pull them down and ponder them on occasion (dusting them and the shelf while there).

GREAT question!


Trump lover, gun lover, poor hygiene


Republicans and jeezuz freaks.

Oh not so for you!

@rafferty I know. I know. When will I learn. Never say never. Lol. But maybe I can say it's not dating, but just using him for sex until he opens his mouth and spews Republican.


Politics (I'm Liberal) and smoking. I can't stand cigarette smoke.


The self absorbed, the humorless, and the overly sincere. That goes for any friends or lovers.


Bad teeth, misalignment of values, lack of interpersonal chemistry


Oo good ones
Def trump and religion and smoking


Obvious deal breakers include being a Trump supporter, or in this day and age even a Republican, and possibly even an establishment Democrat. Obviously being religious is a deal breaker. Their would have to be a physical attraction... They would have to accept me and my numerous quirks.. and my arrangement with my kids.... But luckily there are some strong positives to being single.


Bigotry and support thereof are obviously deal-breakers. Less obvious ones include: Patterns of passive-aggressive behavior (UGH). Pouting, whining, and/or self-pity. Fat-phobia (and even if I wasn't chubby myself, this would be a deal-breaker even when it comes to subtle or ignorant comments that seek/act to assign someone value based on their weight--what a pathetic way to approach people and relationships). Condescending explanations or assuming I need help (sometimes called "mansplaining" but I've encountered people of different sexes and genders who do this). Bullying behavior. Having an ego so big that you don't know how to pick your battles or brush stuff off--volatile temper, obsession with your public appearance and being shown "respect", etc. Adherence to or strong belief in gender roles and specific gender presentations ("You're female, so you need to be feminine up to my standards or I'll be turned off" ).. Consistently uninterested in or avoidant of physical affection or sex (because I am just not compatible with that). Never asks questions and shows lack of interest in my thoughts, ideas, or interests. Avoiding or deflecting responsibility/accountability for one's own actions. Doesn't know anything about or holds fast to myths about mental illness and neurological disorders. Is religious AND tries to come up with a religion-based solutions to everything. I know everybody screws up and most people can learn and change. I am actually a ridiculously open-minded, forgiving, and patient person, but all of the things I mentioned above are things I have personally dealt with and know I can't live with on a continual basis or at least without evidence that the other person is trying to learn and make changes. I can't change anyone, but I can control my own behavior, which includes trying my best to adhere to what I see as a fair set of standards for the company I keep and the relationships I invest in.

Passive aggressive ones are the worst. Take take take.

I know, right!? In terms of maturity issues, it might just be the worst--or the worst in terms of common ones. Say what's bothering you or shut the **** up, for the love of big bang!!! Ya know? 😛


Snoring. That alone can end a relationship.


My primary deal breaker is dishonesty. If you lie to me, we're finished.

I've forgiven in the past, and always, always got burned worse for trusting them again.

JimG Level 8 Mar 8, 2018
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