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QUESTION An Atheist Manifesto | Sam Harris

Many of you, long-time heathens may have already read the manifesto, but I'm still new to all this. Maybe there are some other newbies out there too.

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Somehow I've never seen this missive, thanks for posting it. It's actually pretty resonant with my own conclusions.


I can sum up the Manifesto in this simplistic way. The world desperately needs freedon FROM religion but considering the nature of the human 'mindset' this is never going to happen. The more things change the more they remain the same.


A-theist = anti-theist. This suggests to me that being an Atheist requires activism against single-god religions. That is a game not worth the candle, in my opinion. Even if you succeed, tomorrow another rapscallion, rascal, scoundrel, or scalawag will invent another one and it's off to the races again.

I have always felt that if there were a magic button I could press to make religion and the memory of it vanish from the earth, in a matter of weeks, people would have reinvented some form of religion. It would probably be worth pressing the button anyway, as a religion booted from scratch in the modern would would probably be less regressive and oppressive. But not by much.

@mordant Maybe. On the other hand, we have Scientology.

@Dick_Martin Ha. You have a point there.



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