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LINK Christian Mom: Wives Who Refuse Sex Should Get Over It Since It Won’t Take Long | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

This is a dangerous and ignorant woman... She promotes that women should have sex with their husbands even if they don't feel like it and compares it to household chores and husbands going to work.

"How long does it takes?"

DGJ0114 7 May 5

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Does she live in the stone age?


Well to be honest even though this article is advocating something abominable, I have to ask what sort of a horror of a human being WANTS to have sex with a partner who is simply submitting out of a reluctant and warped sense of "duty"?
What possible pleasure is there in "using" another person like that?
Sex is for the expression of love and/or for mutual pleasure, depending on the relationship, what is described here is just utter dehumanization.


"If you’re in a situation where your partner won’t have sex with you even though you want it, you should talk about it. If communication like that isn’t an option, find a professional to help you."

Extremely good advice, not from the Xian mom, but from the author of the article. And it's what I did about the intimacy troubles in my marriage. (Not sex alone, but all levels of intimacy, from any kind of touching to communication and expressing feelings.) I tried the talking, I wanted to go to counseling, and when she wouldn't, I went by myself. And here I am divorced and much happier. Even though we haven't discussed it, I think she's happier too. And I feel we're better friends now than we were as partners.

Same story for me.


"Submit to your husband," evangelical Christians preach.

It's rape.

There's "submission" because that's what people enjoy and which is consensual (in the 50 Shades sense) and then there's the other sense, to which I have a rooted moral objection. Sexual submission (or any other) because it's your "duty" is rape.




How incredibly romantic ... (barf)


Two minutes? LOL! That's so, though. Most women I know can barely tolerate sex at all, and several complained to me when they "had" to have sex with their husbands three times a month!

When I was married to a Christian, hetero man, I quickly found out that sex, for them, IS two minutes, quickly as possible, and it's over when they reach orgasm..women don't count.


Instinctively I object to this, but I can't put it into words. The closest I can come is; I think this was my ex-wife's attitude, which she stated outright. She said she wasn't interested in sex anymore, but when I wanted it, we could. Gosh, how romantic.

And just like @Amisja says, to me it felt like rape; like I had a completely unwilling partner. And I became unwilling myself.


Too many people have this mindset. Sad.


There's her life. Sad.


That creature just described rape. Wow


I'm just wondering, do wives have to have anal sex with their husbands or give oral sex if they don't want to? How about having sex with the husband and the priest simultaneously? Do wives have to provide their children for sex when the priest wants to make them holly?

zesty Level 7 May 5, 2019

What is positively nauseating is that in all probability what you describe actually does happen.

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