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How can I download my original copyrighted unpublished recorded songs to music group (or anyone else) for the purpose of feedback?

TommyRyan 5 Mar 8

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Thank you. They are all copyrighted songs. It doesn't matter who gets them. They just need to escape from Central New Jerseyl

How did you copyright the song I have a number of songs also but do not read music. I have thought about recording them inhouse but then how do I protect myself


Google drive is probably the easiest. You can upload to a folder and share the whole folder to the public. Then give people the link.

Btw, Downloading to bring a file to your computeris, uploading from your computer to somewhere else. I had to reread your post many times, 😀

JeffB Level 6 Mar 8, 2018

Thank you. I will remember that. My messages are too long to begin with.
Then, to reread? Oye. Sorry.


If you want to send the music directly you can use to large files for free. Otherwise if you would like them to be available online then I agree with @nicolecadmium is a good way.

Thank you. Do you know if is free?

Yes it is @TommyRyan


Depends on the format you use. For specifics, ask Admin. Also consider posting on the "Eclectic Jams" group page(s).

The format is MP3. I am new to I wish I had known about it whenever it began. I was FULLY matured before there was a dot anything. My songs were received well by recording companies 10 years ago but deemed not commercialy viable because of their agnostic nature. I am simply looking for feedback from like-minded people. I apologize but I do not know how to get specifics from Administrator nor do I know how to post on Eclectic Jams. I am a 66 year old musician/lyricist (I played the Cafe Wha in 1967) with something to say and would like open-minded people to hear what I have to say before my journey ends.Most melodies/chord patterns were written in the '70s,'80s and'90s with the realization that lyrically, every topic was endlessly covered. Then,in 2002 my agnostic questions(fate, miracles, creationism, prayer, afterlife, proselytizing, etc.reignited and I married the two to wind up with a 14 song CD of unheard songs, other than family and friends. Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated. I apologize for bending your ear (eyes) with such long content.

@TommyRyan There are good suggestions here from some of the folks. I also suggest exploring the site a bit. Click on the logo in upper-left & hit FAQ, Groups, etc. to get an idea of what is here or to contact Admin for questions.


I have a few musician friends who use

Thank you. I will try that. My goal is to get feedback from members of members. Do you know if that route will achieve that?

You upload your music and then share the links. If you share the links here, then you should get some feedback. I'm not sure whether you can make the links private, so that only people/websites you share them with can find them. You can do that with YouTube, so I wouldn't be surprised.

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