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LINK Meghan Markle has given birth to a baby boy

Some good news. It's so rare that I'm almost giddy. 😀

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 6

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really do not care about the royal family,one of the reasons people fled England was to distance themselves from the monarchy.

Being there's nothing at all to celebrate in America, I appreciate the Royals. I can only take so much doom, gloom, despair, trauma, drama, hate & discontent. But to reach their own.




whoopee. i have never been so excited.


Good for them


I am a republican (in the UK sense) and so am happy for a safe delivery of the child, even if it is, by no fault of his own, yet another upper class leech on society produced purely for the perpetuation of an outmoded institution and unfair class system that places one human being over another based only on how many people their ancestors killed and how many sheep they stole and possibly raped.

It is sad that a large section of the population get excited over a woman having a baby.
The BBC news will now be dominated by this for the next few days. A few weeks ago an old building in Paris burnt down and apparently nothing else happened in the world for a week. Probably be the same with this momentous event.

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