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My quarterly conversation with my mother occurred yesterday and for a change I left it feeling good. She tried her usual negativity thing and I diverted her away from it. Then she started in on something again, then said, "let me stop I'm trying to be a good christian". I laughed and said, "But isn't being judgmental the MOST christian thing ever?" She got quiet, said she her phone was dying and ended the call. I am now officially adding snark into all our conversations since it derailed her from all the negative BS I usually have to hear. YAH ME!

Crimson67 8 Mar 10

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Mother never supported my outdoor adventures and wanted me to be a girlie girl.Im happy being me and don't need her approval.

Hobo Level 2 Apr 2, 2018

After my mother pissed me off and I quit talking to her I discovered the bonus of not having to listen to her bitch about everything and everybody under the damn sun. I am not even a little sad I quit talking to her. That's a whole 'nother issue though that had nothing to do with religion.


My mom is ok with it. Sometimes she say that I'm crazy. She's 84 and for her is kinda surreal that somebody won't believe but she doesn't make an issue. She knows that "even without the lord" I'm a good boy...


Congrats, I had to emigrate to prevent the risk of annoying behavior of my family. I know it is not such a real expectation of my family, because they don't care, but I'm still part of that family, so I know they disaprove 🙂. They don't critisize met too loudly 🙂.

Gert Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

I know the feeling. My family don't love the idea but they know better. I respect their choice so they better respect's only fair and we have no problems about the situation.


I was actually surprised by that makes me realize I have been mostly lucky with any xstains I have met...almost every one I have met would laugh...I used to hear 'God has a sense of humor, too.' which I would always reply,'he has to, if he made a punk like me.'....hehe

@Crimson67 negativity is the worst. I don't really have 'can't' in my life, so it is hard to deal with people who revel in 'can't'.

@Crimson67 I grew up with lots of 'you can do anything you put your mind to, just as long as you don't actually try to do it'...haha

@Crimson67 You have tony soprano's mother! Ugh! I had a goth friend like that..key word 'had'.


Good show!

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