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In thye Pacific Northwest, there have been many brewery closings. Very sad.. The greater Portland/VVancouver are is (or possibly was) the micro-brew capital of the world.


I just love this: The industry report noted that while overall beer sales are down about 2.4 percent from 2016, there are some areas of growth, with brewing jobs up 8 percent. It attributed the increase to "tremendous growth in micro and brewpub employment as well as growth in higher margin products from all brewers."

So, basically, micro breweries are doing great and beer companies are making more money off their more expensive brands. The losses would appear to be in swill brews, which should be good news.

1of5 Level 8 May 24, 2019

That is just stupid. People drink in good times they drink even more in hard times.


Sounds like I need to learn how to make my own barley pop.


The shit bird strikes again

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