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LINK War is the failure of humanity

"Every war is a failure of empathy, a triumph of dehumanization: we cannot identify with our enemy. He (and, increasingly, she) is “barbaric,” “an animal,” “savage.” (“They” rape, pillage, torture, brainwash—even their kids. “We,” the techno-wizards of the centuries, would never stoop that low!) Every war represents a failure of our species to free itself from the shackles of expansionism, greed, colonization, exploitation, ignorance and violence. Every war is a failure of humanity."


WilliamCharles 8 May 25

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maybe they should read Steinbeck's books instead of the bible. That would help


I've read all of Steinbeck's books.


True, but only biased philosophers thought that Homo sapiens is a "thinking animal". Everybody else knows that beneath the veneer of reflection and wisdom there is an "id" of passions, instincts, emotions.... and it is they which ultimately determine our behaviour in the long run


If only more people in America would "get it", but I don't think that that will happen, unless they experience it first-hand.

THHA Level 7 May 26, 2019
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