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Trump's ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei could cut off rural Americans' cell service

"The rural areas are going to not get served, and it puzzles me why these senators ... don’t see the problem here,” a former FCC commissioner said.


LiterateHiker 9 May 27

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Less twitter followers for the twitler in chief...

It will probably mean that the mergers that many of the telecommunication companies seek will happen...prices will rise for everyone much as it did when AT&T was a huge monopoly back in the 1970's...Trump is for his rich buddies, not the people who voted for him...


Lack of reliable high speed internet is big impediment for companies and people to move to rural areas. I could theoretically live anywhere there is high speed internet available to do my work. My little home town has a fixed number of DSL ports the local telephone company has. All others make do with cell hotspot coverage, but at much cost.

Ohub Level 7 May 27, 2019

Maybe. On the other hand not to ban the socialist Chinese scum will cut off our freedom! Hope he bans all the poisonous Chicom products!

zesty Level 7 May 27, 2019

If the Democratic Presidential Candidates don't run with this ball, I don't know what to think about our future. Please tell me the rural vote can be captured again by Progressives in 2020. A platform must include how to provide low cost cell service and WiFi to all....and it should be based in the U.S. Just like expanding better medical care and mental health services to rural areas, which is currently part of the Progressive agenda.

Electricity came to where I grew up after WWII - the REA brought electricity in to the sparsely populated rural areas. Both my mother and father remembered being young with no electricity. I think people would get behind this effort; but with the FoxNews "SOCIALIST GUMMINT LIBRUL TAKEOVER" crowd, I fear the folks who need this the most would cut off their nose to spite their face.

@Ohub I fear you are correct. If it has to be called some other word, let's come up with it before 2020. I think the unfounded fear that the government is 'taking over' and 'threatening liberty' will be thrown aside if they get hooked up to reliable low cost cell phone and WiFi coverage, right? ha


Will the real storys ever be known


It might cut off his base... now that would be funny!


I don't want to belittle a perceived threat but
I humbly submit this shows how weak our
cyber infrastructure really is! Trying to close the door after the horse left the barn is worse
than doing nothing-the administration gets publicity for doing what amounts to making the problem worse!!!To have a knowledgable
person recognize the repercussions shows that there ARE BETTER WAYS to resolve the
issues. Thanks


Typical politically inspired cock-up.

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