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LINK After Virginia Beach Shootings, Hope Still Looms - The Atlantic

A follow up to hope. I wonder if any of the victims were gun rights supporters? May something be done and soon.

IAJO163 8 June 1

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It is easy to blame the NRA but it seems to be a cultural problem. Instead of going and getting drunk and getting in a fight anyone with a grievance gets a gun and shoots up his school,church,workplace. Note, the shooters are invariably male.
There is an epidemic of knife crime in London at the moment. There is a stabbing virtually every day. There was a similar situation in Glasgow a few years ago but the police and authorities got to grips with it and now stabbings are very rare. The Metropolitan police in London have approached their Glasgow counterparts for help in combatting the problem.
The love of guns seems to be so ingrained in the American Psyche that it will be difficult to eradicate but with the will I'm sure it can be done although it will probably take a generation or more.


This country is lost when it comes to give and mass shootings... There is no political courage to stand up to the NRA and 2nd Amendment misinterpreters.

Voters won't hold those in power accountable not seem willing to mass together to demand change.

Not as long as perceived fear is at the forefront.

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