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LINK BREAKING: Broward Deputy Scot Peterson just ARRESTED for his role in 2018 mass shooting! – The Right Scoop

This is such a surprise. It's about time, well, way past time. Columbine set a horrible precedent for law enforcement to simply do nothing at school shootings. Maybe this will at least send a message: law enforcement personnel that do nothing is not acceptable and is criminal.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 4

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It's worse with Scot Peterson....Broward County was following Obama policies to let youth slide give them more chances keep them out of prison where they all learn more criminal tactics from other criminals there


I'm seeing some sort of propaganda film about fighting violence with violence/ "if the security guard had just done his job", like somehow that could have prevented this shooting/slaughter. This is scapegoating. If he had "done his job" we'd just have another reason to delay gun control/addressing the real issue of gun violence. It sounds horrible to say that his "average Joe behavior" (not wanting to get involved in a fire fight with a homicidal maniac) was a good thing, but seriously.... we can't get hung up on the myth that we just have to hire the right people to protect our kids. We need to address the fact that protection is needed.

Cops are paramilitary....they are trained to use deadly force to prevent themselves being harmed by less violent apprehension of suspects ....cities don't want to pay large life insurance policies and survivor benefits to children/ either they shoot or they take cover call for back up



1of5 Level 8 June 4, 2019
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