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LINK Donald Trump interview: US President says ‘there’s a chance’ of nuclear war with Iran - Daily Star

This guy's a freak of nature. I can not believe a person can have two full DNA profiles and be this fucking stupid. Garden slugs are more intelligent than this gene-pool-disaster.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 6

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He needs a war to bolster the economy -- or at least that's what I think he's doing. He is usually very transparent -- unfortunately we will see.


He wants NATO to do it. Just being a tout, reving everyone up in his way. Got a feeling, the EU won't be so keen for this one though.


if he's impeached the chances will increase dramatically.
even if he's not impeached it wouldn't surprise me if he attacks iran. he's a certifiable psycho.


Complete moron


It just boggles my mind that someone of supposed successes such as his could be so fricking stupid. His actions and comments like this hurt our country and threaten our very lives. I can't believe we are letting this happen before our eyes. History will not be kind to us.

He isn't much if a success - money analysts believe he would have actually been a real billionaire, multi, with simple investments if the money given to him. He has squandered and lost tons of cash, his, but mostly other people's - now it is everyone's money he steals and squanders.


It's his retelling his morning Pentagon briefing


This is the way he rationalizes the need to invade Iran just like boy Bush lied to get WMDs from Saddam.....he twists the fear of 2 Iranian nukes for nuking them 20 times for good measure if they don't let us invade with minimal scattered resistance

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