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I was thinking about Joe Biden's about face on the "Hyde Amendment". I didn't know he was a devout Catholic and that he opposed abortion on religious grounds. I personally would choose life but I,m a man and I'll never really have to make that decision. I thought the issue was, should a woman be in control of her own body and that abortion should be her choice. End of story. I'm a progressive Dem and I wasn't going to vote for him anyway, unless he got the nomination. I mean anybody (except Pence) would be a better President than chump Trump. I was wondering about how other Agnostics think about religious zealots running for office and the separation of church and state.

Totally off-topic, but you could copy&paste that into a post of your own.


Myself am on SNAP. I receive $16 dollars a month. A extra $16 comes in handy,especially when my sole source of income is Social Security retirement funds. The majority of Americans feel when they hear about food stamps are welfare queens,and other undeserving people even illegal aliens(heaven forbid). The truth of the matter is most of the people receiving these benefits get similar amounts like I do. Mothers with children at home receive larger amounts but believe me they're not getting fat! When I was in the military they had a gun, kinda like a gatling gun, the bullets it used cost $100 a piece. So when citizens complain about giving people free food think about the military budget and $100 bullets. That's my take.


The Food Stamp program was set up so that for every dollar spent, the retailer got TWO dollars. So of course, it helps the economy. Safeway, Krogers, and Walmart would scream bloody murder if it was ever ended. The food giants make a fortune off it. The bad thing is, it is inadequate for the needs of the elderly. If you have any sort of social secirity coming in, the maximum benefit rate is $25 per month. No wonder I see so many elderly folks around here dumpster-diving!

Two dollars for every one? I've never heard that, and find it very hard to believe. Do you have a source to back that up?

@bingst That's the only way the Feds could think of, to get merchants to accept them. Google it!

@davknight No matter what its history, you make it sound as though retailers currrently get twice the amount of the sale. Retailers get the amount of the sale.


The users of food stamps, or SNAP, are mostly Republican, though 90% of them accuse Democrats of abusing the system. I tend to think of an economy as a countries life blood. When it circulates through healthy means, say living wages for everyone, that is good for the system. When you have a number of super rich, who hoard the money and it doesn't exchange hands, it's bad for everyone except the rich. They are kind of like a blood clot.

Trickle-up economics seems to make more sense, as it tends to benefit more and larger sectors and people within the economy as a whole. That's basically what SNAP does within the grocery/agriculture sector, which is why it's part of the Farm bill. To wit, an agriculture subsidy that inherently does good in the process.

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