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LINK 12 States With A Third Gender Option On IDs Pave The Way For Non-Binary Recognition

Arkansas. 7 years ago. There must be some nefarious motive. 🤔 Otherwise, this is progress...finally.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 10

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DR JOCELYN Elders LOST HER JOB US SURGEON GENERAL 1995 nice Baptist from Little Rock AR VATICAN retaliation for teaching teens to wash their hands and penis of hpv virus(warts) to prevent cervical and ovarian cancer transmission clean masturbation education was not allowed after 2 years loyal work Slick Willie Bleigh from Hope Arkansas would not say no to the pope


Delaware is not surprising but Arkansas????? The Theocracy of Governor he WH PRESS SEC'Y HUCKABEE SANDERS daddy?


Ok I am all for allowing people to define themselves as they see fit. But two things. One is that the purpose of ID is to identify a person based on physical characteristics. And the field on ID is for sex (male/female) which is a physical characteristic, as opposed to gender (man/woman) which is about identity. It makes sense to me that a third category might be available, particularly for intersex people (that again is a physical characteristic not transgender), but that is different from re-defining sex and gender as synonymous.

I think you're missing the obvious:
If a transgender is living their life by the gender they identify as, they'll look accordingly. They dress matching the identity they live as. Which would mean? If they look like a woman, but have male genitalia, they'd look like a woman and their ID would have a picture accordingly. The purpose of the picture* is to identify. If you think law enforcement/others are reading the details, they aren't. They merely look at the picture. Except the picture and the birthdate, I doubt much else is even noted, ever.

These people aren't cross-dressers. They look as they live.

@SeaGreenEyez I’m not missing that. I’m aware that transgender people who are “living as” their identified gender usually look like that gender. That’s one reason why we should not be making laws about bathroom use (who exactly is going to verify that, right?). And I also agree that those details are not checked in most cases, on ID. My point is that there is a distinction between sex and gender. As far as I’m concerned you can define your gender in any way you want, but if the point is to indicate sex on an identification document than it should do that.


Unbelievable 2019 and people still care what you put on your vagina or were can I put my pennis

The US CENSUS HAS DELETED that question which is used for law enforcement and health resources planning....where people kiss each other is a medical and age question for adults only....TrumpOLINI and Betsy deVos are moving fast to establish the religion of homophobia in schools and government agencies

Gender identity and sexual orientation is again a taboo subject back to 2013 thus transgender people can not expect government fund plans ESPECIALLY OLDER GAY AMERICANS isolated after decades of fighting since Stonewall


Excellent news. Thank you!



bobwjr Level 9 June 10, 2019
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