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Some of my paintings that I am taking to hang at the Cobra today. The Cobra is not a gallery but it is one of my favorite bar/music venues here in Nashville.

Deoah 4 Mar 12

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Very awesome work. do u sell any of them? the lady with the cobra is pretty sweet and would look great on my wall 😉

jorj Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

That one belongs to the Cobra, sorry, but the others are for sale.


I'm no expert on art but damn, it looks good.

Thanks. I appreciate it.


All Media can be good Art.



I see some Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt in there very enthralling. .

You are too kind.


Those are great!

Thanks so much.

your welcome, here's a gorilla I drew.

Wow. That's very good.

@LeighShelton Holly shit... that's awesome...

thank you


I love the eroticism in these, along with the "wha ?" factor ! They'll be lucky to have them !

Ha! Thanks!!


There cool

Thanks so much


Wow... beautiful stuff there.. I was in Gruhn Guitars there weekend before last.. Waaay too easy to spend money in that place. Love Nashville, can't wait to go back.

It is a great town.

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