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With a broken bone, how long before you could exercise?

"Look at you, working out with a broken toe!"

That was Joe today, my buddy at the gym. He's my cheerleader.

This is Week 3 of working out: weights, rowing, abdominal exercises and stretching. Celebrated by getting new workout leggings on sale.

Yesterday I gingerly walked barefoot indoors for 40 minutes. Mistake. In bed, the weight of the down comforter - feathers! - made my broken toe hurt. It kept waking me up.

Resting for four weeks felt like my muscles were melting, growing slack. Reached my disgust level. I'm making a comeback.

Still in the boot. It's been 5 weeks. Will see my podiatrist and get more x-rays in two weeks.

LiterateHiker 9 June 10

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at least you have a companion in 007


I had to do physical training in the army the day after I broke my wrist. The doctor gave me a long list of exercises I couldn't do, but anything on not on the list was fair game. After 6 weeks of not using my right hand, I was a sit-up machine.

JimG Level 8 June 11, 2019

Really cool color and design on the yoga pants...sorry for the aside to the foot situation.


try meditation when you feel the urge to over do. but you are being very good about this and have a great PMA Athena is right soon it will be over and the memory will fade. My knee surgery for a broken tibia crown seemed like forever but now a faded memory.


Muscle grows quickly if you were active before a break (physically and time wise), which you were. Don't worry, soon it will seem like the break never happened.

You look great in those tights!

Athena Level 8 June 11, 2019


Thank you for your encouragement!

Last night, I remembered to do crab crawl facing the ceiling to firm up my underarms (triceps). In this boot.

Another small victory.


I once soloed the Third Flatiron (5.4, 800'😉( in an inflatable cast. I had a broken medial malleolus.


I haven't been able to exercise the way I want for a while now so I know how you feel about melting muscles... I'll get it back in a few weeks when baby decides to enter the world...


i've rammed my pinky toe into something that didn't move before.... kept thinking pain would go away after a couple days... it didn't till a few weeks. that hurts!!. hang in there!


I bet you wish there was a pill you could take that you could just fall asleep and wake up when your toe was healed.


Exactly. Can't left an injury keep me down.

@LiterateHiker wrong honey can end up chronic pain please be careful if it heals wrong would need surgery to correct with pins

@LiterateHiker usually 8weeks depends on healing verified by X-Ray especially on a load bearing bone exercise before healing slows process and if ends up with crooked heal which can result in chronic pain and require surgery to repair


Be careful you don't want a setback

bobwjr Level 9 June 11, 2019

looks like your coming along well,,but do not push it or it will take you to heal a lot longer than it should, but you know your limits


I would think eight weeks would be the threshold. Broken bones heal more quickly than tendons or ligaments.

I blew out my quadriceps tendon in mid-January and it was almost six weeks before I could voluntarily lift my leg up off the bed. But once that happened, I was on to recovery pretty quickly.

It's been nearly five months. A full recovery from my injury is, typically, eight to twelve months. I've been walking and/or bike riding at least five days a week, on top of my PT exercises. The strength is coming back. Patience is the key

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