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LINK Kim's Slain Half Brother Was a CIA Informant

Could this be why Kim is ignoring Trump's sanction threats and continuing with his nuclear testing?

IAJO163 7 June 11

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That's probably why he got whacked!


"a person knowledgeable about the matter said". Well at least that's different from "A source close the person said". Was this from the Daily Mail or the Onion?

Wall Street Journal, more than one source cited, yada yada yada.

@1of5 Must be true then 🙂

@Moravian no, it's just a real story not some spoof shit. Hard to know anything about NK.

@1of5 May be some truth in it. The CIA would do anything to try to get information about "the enemy".

Remember the film "the men who stare at goats". the article also says that he is unlikely to have had access to any useful information.KIm Jong Un would have anyone he perceived as the merest threat killed and the latest story is that he had four of his advisers killed because they failed to get an agreement with Trump in Vietnam.

@Moravian I'd be stunned if there wasn't some truth to it. He's related to a closeted dictator that, technically, we're still at war with. It'd be a serious dereliction if they - and others - didn't at a minimum try.

Did you see where Trump denied it, then admitted it, then promised Kim his government would never do that to him? Good times.

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