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LINK God, Incorporated: The Big Business of Religion - YouTube

What do you think about religion being turned into a business?

Do you think we will ever see a day when churchs/religious orgs are taxed and forced to account for all the money that they swindle from people?

AtKins 4 June 15

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Religion has ALWAYS been a business of raping and selling women and their children and the war business of brainwashing boys into deadly violence against neighboring tribes


I think we are at the point, or very close to it, where if organized religion wants this prominent of a seat at the civic table that they will need to pay the piper for the privilege. Freedom ain't free. For the religiously deluded, the price tag should not be avoidable.


The catholic church and the cHuRcH of Scientology alone would pay off the US debt 10 times over.

Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. But just a little. . .

Mb_Man Level 7 June 22, 2019

I'm thinking that Copeland guy gets a lot of......women.

twill Level 7 June 20, 2019

Why do people capitalize a gibberish sound referring to an unknown invisible nothing ?


What is a gawd ?


Religion has always been a business ever since the first shaman invented the first religion monopolizing the story of sex babies birth death and violent raiding parties upon neighboring tribes....raping pillaging and capturing slaves inventing rituals like circumcision torturing boys and owning daughters to trade in wedding gift exchanges where the males keep all the most valued items


Well there's today's bad news

twill Level 7 June 19, 2019



prosperity churches are terrible.

All religions are horrible hell threats and heaven bribes

@GreenAtheist true but I find the prosperity ones particularly horrible

@Donna_I true the money cults are worse than poor farm bible thumpers


The churches need taxes!

The religious don't pay taxes they steal taxes


Always was a business, always will be, should always be treated as such.


I hope someday churches will only be afforded tax exemptions for truly charitable activities. The generic term for this would be to end "member-benefit tax exemptions". It applies not just to churches, but to lodges and certain other organizations.

True,Indian hindu right wing government implemented stringent laws on NGOs and huma bist organizations.only Hindu right-wing organization are working now in the name of charity.

A few churches do good charity works for the community not just their members; others do it as a way to increase their membership.

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