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Ugg! I quit smoking for over two weeks and have now, freshly fallen OFF the nonsmoking turnup truck. Fuuuck!! And I thought for a second there, "My, my Ari, you Might actually have this beat this time!" Arg! So much for premature celebrations.

I am now at the crossroads where 1) I can say I f'ed up and smoked 6 cigs in the last 24 hours, decide once more to chalk it up to temporary insanity, give myself a free pass for the day and go back to Cig Sobriety or 2) I can say LIFE is F'ed up and promise myself to smoke 6 MORE cigs in the Next 24 hours and chalk quitting up, once again, to temporary insanity!

See... how easily I was just now able to manipulate myself into an excuse to continue smoking?? Such is the grand mind of the addict who wants to smoke another cig!! I can psychoanalyze my actions into the ground... and then come back again to reanalyze until I hit upon middle earth because I've run aground and Beeeyooond so fiercely! At least I can be honest about my shortcomings. Ode to the Silver Linings! chuckle

Self Depricating humour is my all time favorite, afterall.

I "thought" I was merely a social smoker... however, now it seems a good enough reason for me to smoke is because "I'm Chillin' and Socializing with Moi- Party O' One." I am socializing. ...With Myself, and for a lone wolf, who needs a 'pack' to Share 'My Pack' with, eh? hee hee hee!

Sadoi 7 Mar 13

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Probably the most difficult thing I have done. I no longer drink either and it was way easier to stop alcohol. I'm rooting for you.

loo65 Level 3 Mar 13, 2018

Don't root too hard for me. I smoked only ten mins ago, but it Was my first And last cig of my day/night.

However, I still smoked.


So many have this battle.

I'm like the salmon swimming upstream. Albeit, I occasionally turn around and go With the cigarette flow...


Very excellent advice and suggestions from everyone. (As I smoke my cigarette)

I still appreciate it. 😉

Sadoi Level 7 Mar 13, 2018

@SACatWalker yeah. ..I smoke bud too, but nothing replaced a nice spliff. Lol

@Tomaf wow! So who is going to hypnotize me.

@SACatWalker haha wait... So are you saying if I get the shot and pass out for three days straight, that Those three days Now Count toward my First Three Day Sobriety??!

I think... If I just fall into a comma I could also consider myself a non smoker.


Smoking is insane !!! You wanna live to a reasonable age don't Ya ??? I managed to kick it , and it hurt but wow I feel bloody great . Your lungs bring you oxegen and life, look after them and they'll look after you.. Believe me if I can stop anybody can, I wish you well and good luck , pack it in and breath .............

Appreciate it! I'm still struggling with it, But I'm not candy coating it And I'm being honest about what I'm Really doing. So many people go all chicken shit and pretend it's all roses and sunshine, but it is more like broken glass and razorblades.

For real.

So I allow myself to slip up, but not too increase and I set some standards. But I'm Stiiill smoking.


@Sadoi well your very honest, you think your giving yourself little treats during the day but your doing the exact opposite. You will stop eventually because you want to, but I reckon you'll succeed when your good and ready. Kind regards Gary


Choosing to stop something need not be undone, by doing it. Simply choose to stop again and pay attention to what is leading you back to failing, then correct it.

Cigarettes are made to be addictive. It's a lot tougher to quit than "simply choosing to stop.". A little empathy goes s long way and THIS situation would be the place to apply it.

Hi citron, Empathy is soft, choosing to quit is a hard choice and even harder to do, so stiff support is what is needed in my opinion.

In any case I hope Sudoi employs my method to her madness 🙂

Oh I know what's leading me there and That is the Irony!! Haha

It's medicine that's is leading me to smoke. Haha the stress from my job in medicine And college simultaneously And motherhood.

I do know.

Knowing why isn't so much the issue as is coping with said issues.

@x0lineage0x and what is this method of madness? Cold turkey? Nah, I'm too weak for that. I like to be Honest with myself and I Still resist it, but I don't lie to myself or others about what I'm Really doing and if I get shit for it, that's cool. I expect some and your Are correct, it is useful. Both in tandem are most useful.

I know what I'm doing sounds like a cop out. To an extent, sure it is, but on the same hand,I won't pretend it isn't what it is. I see the trap. I know I'm in the trap. I get that part.

I'm slower, maybe? Haha

@citronella and Thank you. Sometimes empathy and sympathy are useful too. I do intend to forgive myself and not kick my own ass like a sadist so it's useful to hear that echoed too.

Appreciate it. 😉


I'm in a similar place with it - been trying for months and never get more than a few days. I have my excuses as well, usually stress and unhappy thoughts. I'm on the patch today...we'll see how it goes.

Don't beat yourself up, and keep trying. You will get it. It's a tough habit to break, but once you do you realize how nasty a habit it is.

I agree. And I'm not alone!



Statistically, the more attempts you make ay quitting, the more likely you are to succeed, Think of it as having many small victories (every cig you don't smoke) leading up to the eventual quitting for good. I smoked in my youth and it took (what seemd like) 'forever' to quit (I quit over 20 years ago) took multiple attempts....I finally got down to 1 smoke a day for a year and finally was done. Keep up the good work and keep can do it!

Yeah! Exactly! That's what I'm actually doing too. Lol

Like they say... Birds of a feather.


What's the unresolved issue in your life that keeps you reaching for the unreasonable cancerous crutch?

Oh yeah, check above. I just hit that one up.


I quit smoking dozens of times, right now its been over 3 years since my last cigarette. Don't beat yourself up, just stop.

Thank you. I do quit for years at a time but during break ups or high stress, boom, I'm in again.

@Sadoi that is really easy to do. The last time that I started smoking again was when my mom died.


Are you taking advice or suggestions to help quit?

...hmm... Good question because... I'm not quite sure what I'm doing or hoping to accomplish with this post. I think perhaps I was just on a rant, venting. Lol

@Sadoi Well if you want some hints, I quit about 10 years ago and have some insight, let me know.

@Sadoi venting is good.

@Charlene I suppose... I'm venting then?


Go back to non smoking...
Pocket the money and treat yourself to a nice vaca.. you'll be pleasantly suprized how quick it adds up..

Yeah thought of tempting myself with incentives, but I guess I couldnt find my own price nor properly bribed myself enough. Haha


Never had the pleasure to smoke but get back on that truck!

Don't do it! Ever!

@Sadoi Never plan to. I am too old for a new vice. Once you quit for good, you will enjoy a big positive change in your life. Never give up the fight.


My sister hiked to the top of Mt Roraima in Venezuela to quit smoking. When sh got back to the bottom she lit up to celebrate

Oh wow!! Damn!!

@Sadoi she has since quit for years


Hang in there...relapse is merely a setback if you're determined to quit.

I'm at two months now and feeling better by the day. I faced a crisis this weekend weening off the vape but it was time to give that up too.

I admire you for even trying...its too easy to keep those bad habits and avoid the pains of withdrawl.

You'll do it when you're ready. In the meantime, enjoy your smokes. When you're sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Best advice I've gotten yet!!

Cheers, brother, and You're Right!


It took cancer to get me to quit smoking sis..don't beat yourself up over it..ever try nicorette? And consider really works.

Took me getting COPD to quit and yes Chantix did it for me.

No I've never tried anything prescription level.

@buzz13 hmmm... They already frightened me but I'm not sure why.

@Sadoi Some people didn't like the side effects involved in taking it. They run the gamut from feeling zoned out to thoughts of suicide. My only side effect was very vivid dreams, I kinda liked some of

@Sadoi you don't need a script for nicorette Gf..

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