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I'm curious: what is the meaning and history behind the Royal Ascot?

I saw some news coverage about it this morning and I've heard about it previously (probably the first time was when I saw My Fair Lady years ago). Perhaps some of the Brits here could clue me in? The only other horse race I know of where the attendees dress up is the Kentucky Derby here in the States.

bleurowz 8 June 21

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Thanks to all that filled in the blanks, I know something more than I did yesterday. 😀


Horse racing is considered the "sport of kings." So, horse raising, training, and racing has long been a tradition with royalty from many cultures. Ascot is the premiere horse race for England, just like the Kentucky Derby is the premiere horse race for the US. Royal Ascot is when the royal family is in attendance at Ascot and comes with a procession of the royal family in carriages into Ascot. Queen Elizabeth's stables are represented with purple and red colors worn by the Queen's jockeys and are known as the "Queen's Silks."

Ascot is not a’s a race track. There are a series of races during Royal Week in June the highlight of which is the Gold Cup. It’s a very prestigious race to win, but the two main horse races in the UK are the Grand National which was run a couple of months ago and is a steeplechase, it’s held at Aintree, Liverpool. The other one was held three weeks ago on 1st June, it’s The Derby and is always held at Epsom Downs in’s a flat race. Another very prestigious race is the the Cheltenham Gold Cup which was held in March at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

@Marionville I stand corrected.


Royal Ascot is a horse racing track in Berkshire...close to London. There is racing there all the year round, but for one week in June there are a series of racing events at which the Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend. There is a Ladies Day on the Thursday on which the ladies are expected to wear high fashion, especially in their headgear....hats are the order of the day! I’ve never been myself, but have friends who go’s one of the places fashionable people like to be seen.

On the news show this morning they were profiling a few shops in London that specialize in Royal Ascot wear -- one for the ladies' hats, one for the dresses, and one for the morning coats and top hats the men wear. It was very interesting. They also said there is a bet each day on what color hat the Queen will be wearing -- the first two days it was two different blue ones, then a grey one, then today (Friday) it was raspberry pink.


You need to look up, and go to Either Mardi Gras in the French Quater, or Guavaween in Tampa. both are real fun, and loaded with costumes. and well, a lot of drinking. 😛

I had a roommate in college from Trinidad. I remember her telling me that Mardi Gras is miniscule compared to Carnival. It was also the only time the whole school year she went home -- not for Christmas, not for intersession between semesters, just for Carnival.


I think it’s exactly like the Kentucky Derby. For some reason that particular race just became popular, was attended by Royals and then tradition took over.

antman Level 7 June 21, 2019

Well you need to look at the Melbourne cup in Australia. The whole country gets involved.


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Google is your friend.


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