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LINK Protesters Want Mayor Pete to Address Racial Violence in His Hometown. On the Campaign Trail, He’s Dodging the Issue. – Mother Jones

It was only a matter of time until his racial bias, his harboring/aiding and abetting racist law enforcement personnel came to light. His dismissive posturing today most likely just sent him back to South Bend rather than onward to the campaign trail. It's too bad yet another black man had to die in South Bend for corporate/mainstream media to report facts rather than fantasy about this guy.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 22

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Pete sez his situation is like one family member has killed another family member in South Bend....protestors want several cops terminated from jobs and RE-TRAINING of all other cops

Mayor Pete is a monumental lying politician. Of course he's propping for the cameras now. He's involved in a cover-up that began in 2011/2012 in South Bend that includes a dead teenager, hanged in a tree, that was NOT investigated by police, cremated without an autopsy within 24 hours of last being seen alive. And that's just ONE item on the list of: must bury so no one knows I'm a bigot. 😔

@SeaGreenEyez I am not for him never was ever since he bragged being Facebook #269 @ Harvard with that I know he cares nothing for human life I will fight harder and not quote anything good he sez

@SeaGreenEyez telling the truth is NEVER bigotry thus Pete B needs to be removed from office and public matching funds denied in his current campaign

@GreenAtheist He's not telling the truth. He's involved in a cover-up in South Bend. Been legally trying to suppress audio tapes of law enforcement having disgustingly racist conversations with other law enforcement personnel. I think there's a hearing coming up on making those pubic record. He's also covered up an Indiana State Police report re: the hanged teenager, in which they determined there was wrongdoing by South Bend police. And that's j just the beginning.

@SeaGreenEyez sounds like he's the kind of guy to kill Vince Foster and Mark Rich

@SeaGreenEyez a family doctor shot Huey Long right at the Baton Rouge state CAPITOL and I don't think THE KING FISH killed anybody like Pete B....Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were murdered by a fellow councilor and he got off with the diabetic twinkies defense eating too much sugar....Pete B sounds like a ruthless racist in gay liberal clothes

@GreenAtheist Harvey Milk. The Twinkie Defense. And it worked. Crazy shit in the criminal justice system.


Did any cops abuse anybody when Bernie was Mayor ?....

@Ms_McSteven good guess but facts are facts....Bernie said his cops are good cops....Ben&Jerry's employ minority workers....did any of them get harassed or killed by cops since 1978 ????????

@Ms_McSteven that is the most evil racist lie blaming Nader for Jeb Bush terrorizing 50 thousand blacks away from Florida polls 19 years ago....Bernie RE-spread that lie 3 years ago....BILLARY belongs in jail spending millions of Feminist donated dollars on Moscow whores and a British spy named Steele....25 million veterans refused to vote for BILLARY violating secrecy laws we all follow unto death

@Ms_McSteven Vice President Gore himself refused to recognize 26 Congressmembers all demanding the fake Florida ELECTORAL votes be rejected and the CONSTITUTIONAL roll call of the states to commence....that is the only relevant fact TO KNOW rather than believe Democrats lies

@Ms_McSteven cowardly lies covering fear of the Bush Crime Family headed by CIA daddy Bush

@Ms_McSteven the political reality is Clintons put 100 thousand more cops on the job with federal dollars to the cities giving them more guns too....pretending duopoly is not itself evil is what you're ignoring.....millions of Greens are fighting and most were fooled by Bernie until he betrayed them in Philadelphia preventing the legal delegates from unseating illegal BILLARY delegates

@Ms_McSteven zionism has ruled USA since LBJ

@Ms_McSteven Warren brags for the murder of cannot minimize war criminals and Bernie is a coward liar never once helped HR 676 MEDICARE4all in 20 years his 2017 Senate Bill is welfare for killer insurance CEOs worse than Obombneycare ....campaigning for evil does not justify censorship of @HowieHawkins20 telling the truth is the only solution to lies

@Ms_McSteven when all else fails pretend truth telling is angry when the opposite is true....speaking truth to evil is joyous and liberating from feeling like a puppet forced to lie in a political cult

@Ms_McSteven the red grr dislike button may seem angry to you but surely you don't expect me to click approval ???? Voting for evil gets evil and I vote for the greater good that lifts all honest boats without war crimes = murder of innocent civilians

@Ms_McSteven this button is finger in the mouth hmm


Squeeky clean Pete's got a dirty closet.interesting..Not


I sensed your dislike and inside knowledge about Mayor Pete before. Unfortunate that someone who has experienced discrimination perpetuates it on others.

I was pretty much dumbfounded when I read he was running. I'm not certain, in today's instant-info world, just how he thought his dirty dealings wouldn't be uncovered. But you're right, I don't think his 7 languages make up for his lack of ethics, his inexperience, but mostly his racism.

And it is too bad he has been disingenuous. He could have maybe changed some opinions. Instead, he's just another flake.

@SeaGreenEyez Seven languages eh, he seems like a smart guy. Too bad he's flawed. He sounded good.

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